If you are ever in Seattle, you’ll find unique Starbucks souvenirs at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store.

Visit the Coffee Gear Store at 2401 Utah Avenue South, 8th Floor, Seattle, WA 98135. It is open Monday through Friday, regular business hours.

You’ll finds things like Starbucks logo key chains, pens, pencils, t-shirts, and more. If you’re visiting the store in person, all customers – whether or not you work for Starbucks – can shop there. I know that many of my readers aren’t in Seattle, but I’ve known a lot of people who take a vacation to Seattle, and put the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store on their “must see” list! I’m showing off just a few of the items here, but there’s lots more inside the store!

If you work for Starbucks, you can shop the online Coffee Gear Store or in person. Take a look at past articles on the Coffee Gear Store.

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