Frappuccino: Happy For Days. Buy 4 get 1 free

Right now through June 15th, there’s a Frappuccino promotion going on a Starbucks. Buy a Grande (16 ounce) size Frappuccino, and you get a little sticker that goes on a card:

Front of Happy For Days Frappuccino Stickers

Just buy a Grande Frappuccino and if you don’t already have one of the little cards, ask for one. Each time you buy a Grande Frappuccino, you’ll get a cute little sticker. When the card is full, redeem it for a free Grande Frappuccino! You have until June 15th to collect stickers, and until June 30th to redeem the card. It’s that simple.

I know I have a lot of Frappuccino fans here, so I thought you’d enjoy this.

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Here’s the backside of the card:

Back of Happy for Days Frappuccino card

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  • Mark Bach

    My shop in Phoenix gave out cards for ordering Venti’s. Do you get stickers for ordering ONLY the Grande? Or will the larger Venti size count as well?

  • Victoria Additon

    I also received cards for ordering venti frappucinos. They did let me know I would only be able to redeem the card for a grande though. When I went in this morning to order, I asked for a card. The barista then let me know that I could only get it if I ordered a grande. This was a little strange to me since I’m actually spending MORE money by ordering a grande. I did let her know that other baristas have given me the card and that I know the drink you get from the card was only redeemable for a grande. She said that she was not allowed to give the cards out unless it was a grande. Not very pleased with that Starbucks today.

  • Melody

    @Victoria – I am so disappointed to hear that. I don’t understand how these kinds of bad will scenarios are still happening in light of Starbucks initiatives like, “Make the moment right” and “North Star.” I would suggest you call Customer Service and specifically ask that you get your feedback to the store’s DM.

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