Right now through June 15th, there’s a Frappuccino promotion going on a Starbucks. Buy a Grande (16 ounce) size Frappuccino, and you get a little sticker that goes on a card:

Front of Happy For Days Frappuccino Stickers

Just buy a Grande Frappuccino and if you don’t already have one of the little cards, ask for one. Each time you buy a Grande Frappuccino, you’ll get a cute little sticker. When the card is full, redeem it for a free Grande Frappuccino! You have until June 15th to collect stickers, and until June 30th to redeem the card. It’s that simple.

I know I have a lot of Frappuccino fans here, so I thought you’d enjoy this.

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Here’s the backside of the card:

Back of Happy for Days Frappuccino card

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