This morning I dropped by the Roastery, shortly after it opened at 7:00 AM. Right now as I write this, there is only Roastery, which is located at 1124 Pike Street in Seattle. Starbucks has announced that more Roastery locations are in the works, including New York, Shanghai, Milan, and Chicago.

It had been one week since I’d last walked into the Roastery. It’s sort of funny, but having been only away one week, I still missed it. This IS my neighborhood Starbucks and it is the closest Starbucks to home for me. (By the way, that’s a coincidence. I moved into that neighborhood in 2010 so that I’d be able to walk to work, and lo and behold in December 2014, the Roastery opened up very close by to where I live.)

So I took a bunch of photos, as if I hadn’t seen it a million times. Here you go! I hope to see you there! If you see me at the Roastery, say ‘hello’! I think I can say that most of the partners at the Roastery know me and can point me out. You can also follow me on Instagram which has more fun photos.

(There is slightly more mobile device friendly version of this article here.)

20170521_071001 roastery facing the small probat20170521_071013 Roastery seating near the front of store20170521_071037 roastery retail20170521_071052 coffee offerings at the roastery20170521_071114 roasteryb bike20170521_071142 palmer cash at the Roastery20170521_071208 lower seating at the Roastery20170521_071214 Roastery20170521_071246 Roastery facing the silo20170521_071308 Roastery at the espresso machine20170521_071440 roastery at the engine20170521_072553 front of the Roastery

20170521_070951 roastery facing the engine

20170521_070917 Roastery Merch area20170521_070920 Roastery Merch area20170521_070933 Roastery Merch area20170521_070936 roastery merch and cold brew kits