Starbucks Pride Flag Over Headquarters in Honor of Pride Month

My sister, nephew and I dropped by the Starbucks headquarters on Friday, June 23, 2017. My sister took this gorgeous photo:


What a beautiful site! For many years in a row now, Starbucks has raised the PRIDE flag over the headquarters during Pride month. Last night, Friday June 23, 2017, was the trans-pride parade and tomorrow (Sunday June 25, 2017) is the larger Pride parade, running along 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle, ending up at the Seattle Center.

Starbucks has always been a supported of LGBT rights, as it was one of the first companies to offer same-sex benefits.

Enjoy your weekend!

Here’s a pic that I took – not nearly as perfect as my sister’s photo:

1 - 1 - 20170623_114250 pride flag over starbucks

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  • Kevin Claussen

    I have heard some people get cynical about the abundance of corporations that flew the rainbow flag last month for Pride. T-Mobile, Pemco, and loads of other companies represented the LGBT community by putting a flag or banner on their HQ. The response from some members of the LGBT community (and their supporters) is that this is just a CSR marketing ploy… and big corps are just doing what is trendy, etc. And I totally get that interpretation. But my view is that whatever normalizes diversity is good. Whatever normalizes LGBT lifestyles in society, regardless of the underlying motive, is something we should celebrate. And Shultz/Starbucks have been impressively outspoken and committed to initiatives that take care of many marginalized groups. I believe this flag flying is a sincere gesture of solidarity.

  • Jason Murphy

    Many companies do this as a trend, however with Starbucks they prove they are flying the flag in support of the LGBT Community. This is backed up by their wonderful pro-LGBT policies, such as their offering of same sex benefits for their married workers.

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