Should Starbucks introduce the Dark Cherry Mocha to the US?

Dark Cherry Mocha in China 2009

Dark Cherry Mocha in China 2009

Should Starbucks bring the Dark Cherry Mocha to the United States? What do you think?

Currently, this beverage is offered in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and possibly other international markets as part of the seasonal holiday line up. I know baristas who probably think that any beverage with whip cream  and sprinkles on top and isn’t really a true “Italian espresso beverage” but we all know that people go to Starbucks for their favorite indulgence and not because they’re seeking to have an italian espresso beverage experience. If one visits and searches on “Cherry” there are an abundance of results of people wanting Starbucks to offer a cherry syrup. Lots of people want it for a Frappuccino flavor. I think I might like to try a Passion Tea Lemonade sweetened with Cherry! I was sad after Melon syrup was discontinued because suddenly my Passion Tea Lemonades seemed really dull.

I would love to know if the  Cherry Mocha was ever tested here in the U.S. My guess would be that it was, but I don’t know for sure.  Here are a few threads on “Cherry” flavored beverages (some threads may be closed or merged by the MSI moderators):

If anyone reading this blog has tried the Cherry Mocha (or know if/when it has been tested in the US), please tell us how you like it! Looking forward to your comments, as always. :)

Cherry Mocha 2009- UK Starbucks website

Cherry Mocha 2009- UK Starbucks website

Cherry Mocha -Germany 2009 Starbucks website

Cherry Mocha -Germany 2009 Starbucks website

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  • Melody

    @Cal – Mexico Starbucks have this drink? Do you know if it is permanent or seasonal? That would be the closest place I could go to try it! I really need to update my expired passport!!!

  • Steve

    Bring that dark cherry drink to the United States and specifically to Seattle where Starbucks is headquartered NOW! London and Mexico are too far to go to drink that dark cherry drink and besides I can’t use my gold card there and get a star. Sure would sound funny at the border when they ask me the purpose of my trip when I say “I am down here to drink that dark cherry drink at Starbucks because they won’t brink it to the United States”. Besides that would be an awful expensive drink!

  • Sarah

    Oh, that sounds delicious! I’d love to try that as both a hot beverage AND a frappuccino!

    Bring Dark Cherry to the U.S! Now please! :)

  • Steve

    Horay!! Let me know Melody when that dark cherry thingie will be available. I want a venti and can harldy wait…it’s ’bout time!

  • Melody

    Steve, welcome to Venti Liquid Candy Bar. Ick. I’ve never been able to drink more than a Tall of a hot sweet drink – and I did drink a few pumpkin spice lattes and Caramel Brulee Lattes.

    But I am excited about Cherry syrup. It will be fabulous for Italian Sodas and I’m thinking I can substitute it instead of Classic Syrup in a Tea Lemonade!

    But when it comes down to it, I’m still a hardcore real coffee drinker. Sweet sugary drinks – and that’s all we’re talking about here – are rare treats for me.

  • Steve

    Good morning and thanks for your quick response Melody. Yup I do like sweets in any shape or form and have had a few Caramel Brulee Lattes between busses on my way to Forgotten Children’s last December and wish they would have them all year round and I did last month get Tully’s’ cherry thingie for $2.99 for a venti and loved it but, just like you, it is a treat for me.

  • Steve

    Wowwie, zowwie, zonkers Starbucks is finally getting that dark cherry thingie right here in Seattle where they should have had it all the time. They say though it won’t be available till spring. I can’t see why so long.

  • AusBarista

    Yeah we had it here in Australia — it was alright, but I found it way too sweet – especially when added to Mocha Syrup.

    The Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino though was definitely a favourite of mine and plenty of customers. We still get asked for it now, but sadly the promo ended and we have no more syrup. The closest we can get is and Irish Cream/Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino – but it really doesn’t taste the same.

    If you like excessively sweet syrups, ie. Almond, then you’ll most likely enjoy it.

  • Steve

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy I can hardly wait. I may get a venti one for my free drink (I already have 11 stars) but if not I have at list of other venti drinks I can get for my free drink. Colecting Starbucks stars is almost as much fun as collecting gold stars in grade school was.

  • Hayley

    I was somewhat interested in trying this, when I ventured out today. None of the Tucson stores have launched it yet, though I didn’t actually ask them either. So, I don’t know if they even got the syrup yet. My favorite Starbucks is pretty good about sampling the new drinks…so I’m guessing they will do that the week they decide to launch.
    I’m going to ask what when / if they will be launching the PO and the DCM on Monday, but I have a feeling they will wait until the planned date in March.

  • James

    Its coming out next Tuesday!

  • Steve

    Wowwie, zowwie, zonkers and goody, goody, gum drops just bought a bluberry scone at Safeway this morning for my 15th star so when my post card comes I’ll get a venti dark cherry thingie. I can hardly wait!! Yummmmmmm!!!!

  • Fuyuko

    I had a venti iced single-shot dark cherry mocha and it was awesome. They put a bit too much ice in it. The drink was so loaded there was almost half a drink. But the taste was awesome. Like chocolate-covered cherries.

  • Kat - LA Blogger Gal

    I am so excited about this. I tried the dark cherry mocha when I was visiting Ireland two years ago and fell in love. A friend of mind said she tasted one this morning at a local ‘bux. That might explain why my blog post about my drink in Ireland has been so active these past couple of weeks.

    I know where I’ll be going later today!

  • Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha Review — Daily Shot Of Coffee

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    • Jennifer from CA

      I was in one of several Starbucks in Fresno, California on March 12, 2010 and noticed the advertisement on their chalkboard for the Dark Cherry Mocha. I went back today, March 15, 2010, and purchased one made with soymilk and it was delicious!! Since I am lactose intolerant, I declined the whipped cream on top, but it was still good!

    • Susan

      I tried the blended dark cherry mocha frappacino today 3/16/10 and OMG its soooooooooooooooooooo good! You must try it. I have a new addiction! (I am in NJ).

    • Melody

      Hi Jennifer from CA and Susan! Welcome to my Starbucks blog! Just to let you know, I have another Dark Cherry blog entry here too:

      I’m loving dark cherry though right now my favorite use for this syrup is in oatmeal!!!! Hope you’ll stick around the blog and check out some other posts here.

    • Fuyuko

      I like the dark cherry syrup. It would be awesome though if it came in sugar free. the syrups are loaded with calories, and what I like best about it is the cherry flavor- not the sugar.

    • Cabarista

      syrups actually don’t have that many calories in them . Sauces do. A syrup only adds 60 calories to a grande latte at full sweetness. There won’t be a sugar free cherry though. The regular dark cherry is only around in north america until the distribution centres run out.

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