In the spirit of collaboration, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite links for other Starbucks blogs.  I don’t want you to stop reading my blog, but in case you cannot get enough of a Starbucks-blog-fix, there are more out there.  I have searched high and low to see what others are writing about Starbucks.  I suspect that there might be hundreds and hundreds of blogs about Starbucks.  Many are not updated regularly, and/or they just do not have content that tickles my fancy (of course, that’s subjective).  In my humble opinion, here is a list of the crème de la crème of Starbucks blogs (outside of this one of course!):

Bucked by the star – Written in English, this blog features the “Starbucks Experience” as it happens in Japan.  There are great photos of beautiful stores in Japan.  You can see some really interesting and yummy looking food items.  It’s just a phenomenal blog about Starbucks in Japan.  I love this blog.  I secretly fear that it will totally overshadow me someday!

Adam Brotman’s blog – – This technically is not a blog about Starbucks.  Adam Brotman is a VP at Starbucks.  This blog is truly an opportunity to take a look at the kind of wide-angle lens, big-sky thinking that makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur.  What’s important about that?  When Howard returned as CEO he often talked about re-igniting the entrepreneurial DNA of Starbucks, and I think that Starbucks will die a fast death without these people who “have the curiosity to see around corners.”  I have a previous blog post which includes a very short segment of Howard talking about that “entrepreneurial spirit” and he uses that classic Howard-phrase about having the curiosity to see around corners.  (Frankly, if I could see around corners, I’d run the other direction lickity-split.)  Click here:  Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz answers customer questions.

Starbucks Dave – – This blog is written by a Starbucks partner in the UK.  It’s a relatively new blog, but I love that he exudes a ton of passion for Starbucks and it looks like he loves what he does.  If you want a sneak peek into the world of Starbucks in the UK, this is a great blog to visit.  (There seems to be this funny trend to name newer blogs after yourself. 😉 )

Starbucks MarkDavid – – If you want a close-up of Starbucks in Ireland, this is the site for you.  I get an uncanny sense of déjà vu when I read this blog, and it too is a newer blog following in the pattern of naming a site after yourself.  With this blog, it is the store review articles that stand out for me.  This is the only site really doing a close up look at beautiful Starbucks stores in Ireland, and I am intrigued and delighted to see their new store openings.

Starbucks In The UK – – This is another blog with a focus on Starbucks in the UK, and again it’s produced by a partner.  It’s a brand new blog, so I don’t know that it has an established pattern yet.  However, I enjoy the direction it is going, and thought I would share it here too.

The Guild CIO Blog – – This blog is written by Stephen Gillett, who is the EVP CIO for Starbucks.  The blog opens up the doors to seeing what a CIO does, and the world of an executive at Starbucks.  Like Adam Brotman’s blog, it’s a view of the mindset of leadership at Starbucks.

There you have it.  I have stumbled upon, read, and perused tons and tons of blogs about Starbucks.  As I’ve said before, there must be hundreds.  Lots of partners start blogs about what it is like to be a barista.  And there are several huge Starbucks blogs out there.  Sometimes I feel very small!  But here you are … a blog post for those who want even ‘more more more and more’ Starbucks content.

I give you Melody’s picks.  Everybody wins when we’re working together.