On this website, there’s a button that says “Submit a Photo.”

People do use this link! Here’s a sampling of some recent submissions to this site:

Alexandria submitted this photo of her cat, whose name is “Boots”. Very cute!

Thank you to reader Ari who submitted this photo of his pup, “Lexi”.

Next up is a series of photos all from Starbucks partner, Jonara, in Canada. These are really amazing! This partner has such amazing artistic talents! I especially love her Anniversary Blend artwork!

I received a submission entitled “Enjoying the Fall Colours” by Isaak Melnichuk. It depicts a woman holding a cup, near a camera. It’s a little hard to tell what the brand the cup is but nonetheless there’s something magical in this photo. I wanted to pass it on to you:

Lastly, here’s a cute pic of a dog with a puppuccino:

If you like more of these kinds of pics, I try to gather them together in one place: There is Coffee House Paws which is just cute Starbucks animal photos and Starbucks Moments which has more general submissions to this site, including pets.

Thank you again to the readers who submit a photo! You can submit anything – a new product that you’ve seen in stores, your pet, your family, your experience, a tip or a comment for me – anything you like.