Starting on October 26, 2017, you can order the Zombie Frappuccino. Hints of it are everywhere on Instagram!

This new Frappuccino launches on October 26, 2017 and is expected to be around until the 31st but since the ingredients are limited, I think some stores will run out before the 31st! Get to Starbucks right away if you want to try this.

The drink features “Pink Zombie Brains” whipped cream with pink mocha drizzle and includes a green caramel apple powder in it! My guess is that this will be another sour Frappuccino but I’m only guessing! Look for this new Frappuccino in both U.S. and Canada Starbucks stores.

Starbucks loves to come up with new Halloween Frappuccino ideas. Just a few years ago, Starbucks featured the Franken Frappuccino! (You can still order the Franken Frappuccino.)

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