A reader used the “Submit a pic” form on this site and submitted this photo:

Here’s what she says:

I’m in Santa Cruz. They’ve switched to these straws only and I’m being told this is only the start. Whether it’s just in California or nationwide I’m not sure, but seriously, these are the worst straws ever.

And she also wrote:

These are paper straws and I’ve been given them both the Watsonville Ca store and the Santa Cruz Ca store. I can still get regular straws in neighboring Santa Clara county but I’m being told by baristas there that they are expecting the paper straws soon.”

What do you think of this? Would you start bringing your own straw to Starbucks? You can buy plastic, reusable straws which are theoretically better for the environment (if you really use them).

I have no idea if this is a small test, or possibly is required by some local or state health code? This could be a very isolated thing. Even if this is a very local phenomena, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this in other places in the future. Seattle will ban plastic straws from eateries in July 2018. The straw above looks like the same kind of paper straw now offered at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starbucks location (a licensed Starbucks store). There is also a Change.Org petition asking that Starbucks only offer paper straws.

It’s your turn to weigh in. Is this what you hope to see at Starbucks in the future – paper straws?

Update on June 28, 2018:

Seattle Starbucks Now Offers Compostable Straws