Mini preview of Roy Street Coffee and Tea (Inspired by Starbucks) – Opens tomorrow morning.

17Nov2009RoyStreet-7The second  “mercantile” Starbucks swings open its doors tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. This new store is steeped in the tradition of classic theater with fringe, varied levels of lighting and heavy red curtains. It’s the eighth Starbucks store to be built according to LEED standards, taking care to use materials found at antique stores, reclaimed from old businesses, and environmentally friendly windows that open for natural summer-time ventilation.  This store is the second store to open as part of a LEED volume certification pilot program by Starbucks where Starbucks has committed to opening 10 of these stores around the world in the coming months.  This “Inspired by” Starbucks” offers the Frappuccino beverage, previously unavailable at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. The space is large, and exceeds 3000 square feet.

Daily coffee cuppings will be at 2:00 p.m.  The new “inspired by” store is a leap in separation from the store design of 15th Avenue Coffee which is themed even with coffee photography.  This new location feels more like a dark rest-stop of espresso from Synesso on a theater journey.  I hear that the entrance doors come from a Steven King movie set …But a picture is worth a thousand words:17Nov2009RoyStreet-00117Nov2009RoyStreet-117Nov2009RoyStreet-1617Nov2009RoyStreet-2217Nov2009RoyStreet-2417Nov2009RoyStreet-2817Nov2009RoyStreet-12


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  • Dana

    It looks beautiful. What does “inspired by” mean? Is it really obvious and I’m just clueless?

  • Melody

    I wrote that up really fast and should’ve put more explanation. Starbucks is experimenting with “non-branded” stores. In otherwords, no green famous Siren logo, and the name of the store is not officially “Starbucks” although it certainly really is a Starbucks in many ways. The coffees are Starbucks coffee. The employees work for Starbucks. At one point, I believe that Howard Schultz said in an interview that these new “non-branded” stores do NOT carry the Starbucks name because you can buy beer and wine at them.

    There are only 2 of these such stores so far: 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, and Roy Street Coffee and Tea.

  • Dana

    That’s cool to know. As an east coaster I probably won’t see one til NYC gets one. Which will be a while. I like it in theory but it seems like it’s tricking people who like to avoid the mainstream into their doors. And I kind of like the green siren logo.

  • Amazonv

    Thanks for all the photos! I didn’t realize there would be more than one “inspired by” store – did the first do so well? I do hope I eventually can trek out to that coast, perhaps for the annual meeting? i’ve been a stock holder even since i begged my dad to buy my stock back in grade school but have never gone

  • LatteRose

    Looks warm & cozy! Can’t wait to visit!

  • akarisame

    I’m not sure about this one… i’d like to see it during the day with light, it seems so dark.

    and i don’t like fringe

  • Nathan

    What exactly is the point of having these stores? What sis Starbucks trying to accomplish?

  • camspi

    That burlap coffee bag looks uncomfortable. :) [I hope you get that joke.]

  • Karldotcom

    It that a burlap coffee bag? I thought it was Juan Valdez’s donkey’s feed bag!

  • camspi

    Dang it, I am the worst about proof reading. That doesn’t make sense at all. Nevermind. #JokeFail. It’s not even worth rewriting.

  • dustin

    that table is gorgeous, would love to have something like that in my home…

    my only major complaint is how they don’t display prices on the menu.

  • elly

    i might try to make it up there this evening to check it out. that couch thing looks pretty comfortable.

    also, crazy lamps.

    my kind of decor.

  • Kat

    I just went into 15th Ave Coffee a few days ago *nd I really liked the feel of the place. Also had my 1st pour over coffee (delicious). I’m now looking forward to visiting Roy St. Coffee :) Thank you for posting the pics. This one I think I like he looks of better 😉

  • Kelly

    I wonder what the hours are? This looks like the perfect place to hide out in evenings to get out of the house and drink warm yummies!

  • Mike

    That looks pretty cool. I haven’t seen a coffee shop with an interior like that before. I could see myself spending some time there.

  • Edward

    it looks like they did a really nice job of making a lounge-looking coffee place. hopefully it has as much a sitaround feel as it seems.
    I wonder if some of the designs will work its way into branded stores at some point.

    Definitely going to give at least one of those a try tomorrow.

  • Steve

    Oy Vay another Starbucks place that sells booze.

  • Fresh Brews: Cheap Coffee And A New Undercover Starbucks | Daily Shot Of Coffee

    […] Mini preview of Roy Street Coffee and Tea (Inspired by Starbucks) More about the new un-Starbucks Last week, Starbucks opened their second non-Starbucks location. This one almost looks more like a scene from a movie or a movie theater. Have you seen pictures or have you actually been there? What did you think? […]

    • Steve

      In my opinion Starbucks should stick to coffee and non alcholic beverages and not booze. Leave that to the cocktail lounges and bars…and indepentent coffee houses that are willing to cheapen themselves.

    • Steve

      If people want to go to a cozy place the sevres booze along with coffee the go to a cocktail lounge. Starbucks is a coffee house and should not get into the booze business.

    • Pencil to Paper

      Entrance doors from a Stephen King movie set?! I absolutely MUST pay this location a visit one day. Stephen King is probably my favorite author.

      I love all of these pictures. They make me really want to see Roy Street Coffee and Tea in person and take some pictures myself! And personally, I have no problem with some Starbucks locations, or businesses owned by Starbucks, serving alcohol. I do think it’s cool that not all of them do, just so that there’s no awkward moments spent wanting to go to Starbucks but not wanting to deal with people who’ve had a little too much to drink. But having locations that are dry leaves options if I wanted to go and not have that concern? If that makes sense. I don’t think selling alcohol means that Starbucks is necessarily cheapening itself. Just expanding their horizons, as it were.

      Great post, thanks so much for sharing these pictures! I love that the materials used come from all sorts of places. It makes for a very unique atmosphere!

    • Melody

      @pencil_to_paper – Wow I had completely forgotten about the trivia with the doors to Roy Street. I definitely heard that at the media preview event. It is weird to think that one year ago today I was visiting Roy Street Coffee for the Media Preview event. Time has flown by and a lot has happened in one year. Thanks for digging up this oldy but a goody!

    • Pencil to Paper

      You’re very welcome! Thank YOU for posting it to begin with! I’m just glad I stumbled upon it before going to Seattle! Not that I have a trip planned specifically—it’s more a general “I will do this one day!” thing. But still! I would hate to have missed out on a trip to Roy Street. I need to have a picture of myself standing in front of those Stephen King doors. 😉

    • rashmi

      The pictures look great. I hope to be there some day!

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