17Nov2009RoyStreet-7The second  “mercantile” Starbucks swings open its doors tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. This new store is steeped in the tradition of classic theater with fringe, varied levels of lighting and heavy red curtains. It’s the eighth Starbucks store to be built according to LEED standards, taking care to use materials found at antique stores, reclaimed from old businesses, and environmentally friendly windows that open for natural summer-time ventilation.  This store is the second store to open as part of a LEED volume certification pilot program by Starbucks where Starbucks has committed to opening 10 of these stores around the world in the coming months.  This “Inspired by” Starbucks” offers the Frappuccino beverage, previously unavailable at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. The space is large, and exceeds 3000 square feet.

Daily coffee cuppings will be at 2:00 p.m.  The new “inspired by” store is a leap in separation from the store design of 15th Avenue Coffee which is themed even with coffee photography.  This new location feels more like a dark rest-stop of espresso from Synesso on a theater journey.  I hear that the entrance doors come from a Steven King movie set …But a picture is worth a thousand words:17Nov2009RoyStreet-00117Nov2009RoyStreet-117Nov2009RoyStreet-1617Nov2009RoyStreet-2217Nov2009RoyStreet-2417Nov2009RoyStreet-2817Nov2009RoyStreet-12