Welcome to your first Starbucks barista art contest at StarbucksMelody.com.  In a previous blog entry, I featured artwork drawn by a downtown Seattle barista.  I’m really convinced that there has to be a lot more of this hidden wonderful talent in the Starbucks stores.  I’m on a mission to find it.  That’s the goal of this contest. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST OR A BARISTA TO PARTICIPATE:  All you have to do is go snap a photograph of barista-created art and follow the rules listed below!

In order to make the contest worthwhile and entice people to join in, the prizes will be FOUR grand prize winners, each winning a $50.00 Starbucks gift card.  But there are a lot of rules!! Please read carefully!

All the rules are numbered 1 through 20 below:

  1. All entrants must be in the United States or Canada or the UK.
  2. No barista artwork featured can be produced with stencils.
  3. All art work must have been on display inside a Starbucks store within the past 90 days of this blog entry.
  4. The art work must be on a standard Starbucks chalkboard. This is not an oil-painting, or watercolor or some other kind of art contest.
  5. All entry photographs become property of StarbucksMelody.com, and you agree that they may be featured in a future blog post at StarbucksMelody.com.
  6. All entries must be received no later than 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday, March 1st, 2010.
  7. All entrants must be over 18.
  8. In the event that the same art gets photographed twice by two different people, the person who submits it to me first in time is credited with the entry, and the later in time entry is void ab initio.
  9. Enter by emailing me a photograph of the artwork at Sbux206@StarbucksMelody.com.
  10. All email entries must include a first and last name, and a mailing address for a prize in case you’re a winner.
  11. IF, you have a twitter profile, please include that in the email too.
  12. No entry can be a photograph smaller than 200 x 200.
  13. All entries must be a “jpg” file format type.
  14. All entries must include the store information (store address, and store number too if possible) where the art work is on display currently.
  15. If the person submitting the entry is the barista who did the artwork, please speak up and say so!
  16. You may submit more than one entry.
  17. Winners will be picked entirely subjectively by “Starbucks Melody” deciding what she likes best.
  18. Again, no stencil art!
  19. No person may win more than one $50 gift certificate.
  20. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck! This may be an experiment in terror! We’ll see how it goes!! Hopefully people will join in.  Also, please spread the word of this great contest! Those are generous prizes!