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Ketchup in Canada:

Earlier this year, in about April, Starbucks stores in Canada began offering customers ketchup packages to go with their breakfast sandwiches or other food items. I’ve wondered if Americans would want ketchup for their breakfast sandwiches too? If you want to read about the history of French’s ketchup, click here.

IMG_9448 June 2017 Ketchup at Starbucks Canada



Popcorn Frappuccino:

One reader sent a photo of a pic he took in China much earlier this year. It’s a great reminder that the China Asia Pacific Starbucks stores often have the most original promo Frappuccinos and other foods. This photo features the Popcorn Frappuccino. I don’t know if you will need to floss after having this treat. 😉 I realize this Popcorn Frappuccino has probably already come and gone from stores, but it bewilders me how the Frappuccino is always being re-imagined. Earlier this year, Starbucks Japan offered an American Cherry Pie Frappuccino complete with a pie crust as the dome.

IMG_9377 June 2017 Summer Frappuccinos China

Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino:

Kelly, a blog reader, sent in an image of her granddaughter. Here’s what she says: “I think that my granddaughter should be in a Starbucks commercial. Well at least if she isn’t in the commercial you can blog her picture. So cute!

She is super cute!

IMG_1753 2017 April 25 Abigale Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino


Passion Smashin Psuedo-Frappucchino:

Reader Ari submitted his favorite customized drink, which he called the “Passion Smashin’ Pseudo Frappucchino”. Here’s his recipe:

-Passion Tango Iced Tea
-No water
-Add soymilk
-Add blackberries
-Top with whipped cream

Sorry that I don’t have any more detail other than what’s listed above. If you can re-create this drink and you like it, let me know!

IMG_0120 pseudo frappuccino 29May2017

Oliver’s first puppaccino:

Lori wanted to share her pup’s first first puppaccino:

My new Puppy, Oliver just got his first Pupacino! loved it?”


image 2017 June 18 Oliver's first puppaccino


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