[[Edit on February 24, 2010:

I just realized that the Serious Eats blog has been updated with their story of dropping by the first Starbucks at 1912 Pike Place, and the Heritage Starbucks at First and Pike. Fabulous review!! It is true that the First and Pike Starbucks has one of the friendliest, most amazing staff of baristas I’ve ever seen. They seriously rock. It looks like they wow’d SeriousEats too:

Read it for yourself here:

SeriousEats at the Original Starbucks and First and Pike Starbucks



As luck would have it, today I ran into two professional bloggers from “Serious Eats,” based out of New York City, at the First and Pike Starbucks.  (This is not the original Starbucks, but rather a new construction “heritage” store design store located at the entrance to the Pike Place Market, opened new on March 13, 2009.)

I stopped in this Starbucks for my usual morning oatmeal and coffee, and my attention was drawn to two very stylishly dressed women with monsterous size cameras hanging around their necks.  I had the passing thought that they might be tourists, but they just didn’t look like tourists.  I overheard one order a coffee, and ask what was recommended. Barista-Brian replied that he recommended a Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the Clover (excellent suggestion!). She agreed and got a Clover cup of Yirgacheffe.

I decided to butt in (because I’m like that as a personality) and find out what was going on. The two women were totally nice and explained that they were professional bloggers with SeriousEats.com.  One gave me her business card.

I have no idea whether they’ll blog about my Starbucks or not, but they seemed to be full of smiles and I heard one of the two come back to the barista and say how much she liked her Yirgacheffe. I don’t usually blog about other bloggers (in fact, this is a first), but when I went to their website, well, I couldn’t help but be suddenly seriously hungry.  That’s a serious blog! I invite my readers to check out Serious Eats, and in particular, I notice that their blog has even reviewed the Slayer espresso machine!

I’m looking forward to a possible Serious Eats review of Starbucks!