Starbucks partner Nancy wears Via ready brew earrings

I must admit I have quite the soft spot for creative Via earrings! This is not the first time I’ve stumbled upon Starbucks partners wearing great Via Ready Brew earrings. Today (May 1, 2010), while visiting a store in Du Pont, Washington, I saw the earrings featured in the main pic for this blog post. The partner wearing them is named Nancy, and she was sampling an iced Via drink, made with milk, Via, and vanilla syrup.  It was a lot like drinking an iced vanilla latte!

This is third time I’ve had entire blog posts on Via Ready Brew earrings! Here are the first two episodes:

Via Ready Brew earrings and enthusiasm

Via Ready Brew earrings episode #2

Also, in December of last year I wrote an entire blog post about a Via Ready Brew knit cap. I love this cap!

Via Ready Brew knit cap

^ Just to clarify, that Via knit cap is not a hand knit item, but rather something that Starbucks briefly sold at 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.

Still on the topic of Via earrings … Last November I received an email from a store partner in Georgia, showing off some fabulous Via Ready Brew earrings that she had made.  At that time, I never did post them to the blog, but now is a perfect opportunity since I am finally revisiting the topic of Via Ready Brew earrings.  These are beautiful, and I love how she used the Via Ready brew packaging as an earring case!

Via earrings from Georgia-Nov-2009
I suspect we will see more exciting things happening with Via this summer, and I hope that I end up with a few emails showing off more great Via enthusiasm.  At some point, I can imagine there might be a Via enthusiasm blog post #4.  If you have Via gear, or Via flair to show off, my email is  What kind of Via fun things have you seen to show off enthusiasm for the product?