Starbucks Via: Strawberry Lemonade flavor. (NEW in grocery stores)

6590 Strawberry lemonade via refresher starbucks - mixed with waterThere is a new flavor of the Starbucks Via Ready Brews.  It’s Strawberry Lemonade Via!  This flavor is only available in grocery stores (not in the retail Starbucks stores) and was launched this past  January.  As I understand it, the roll out has been a little slow and it is coming to Safeway stores, Kroger, Publix, and other grocery stores.  Strawberry Lemonade Via should also start showing up at Wal-Mart by April.  It comes in packs of 6 sticks, which retail for about $7.99.

I had a chance to try this new Via!  One thing I like about the Strawberry Lemonade Via is that the lemonade flavor is not overpowering.  It’s good.  I simply took a stick, added cold water, and stirred.  I used a mug that I knew was 16 ounces so I wouldn’t have to worry about measuring.  This is a great summer drink.  I think it’s still a little too chilly in Seattle for Strawberry Lemonade Via but that’s just me. 😉

Have you had the chance to try this?  Look for it at your local grocery store.

(Required FTC disclosure:  Since an official contact person within the Starbucks PR department sent me a box of this, I must disclose that I didn’t pay for it.  It didn’t affect my review of it.  I definitely liked this new Via.  Official Starbucks blog article on Strawberry Lemonade Via Refreshers is here.)

6585 Strawberry lemonade via refresher Starbucks6586 Strawberry lemonade refresher back of box - Starbucks

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  • Becca

    Hmmm I don’t know if I’d like this…I would prefer it to be like 90% lemonade flavor and 10% berry. Is it really sweet? I will get some and try it in April, I have a trip planned to Vancouver and my mom, sister and I have planned to border hop to Bellingham.

  • purple1

    Is SB bringing more items to the supermarket? Seems that way. Have not seen this in any of my supermarkets.

  • Scott

    I am pretty excited about this actually. As it is, I already add lemonade to my Berry Refresher instead of water. This will be a nice little change. I think my customers will be pretty excited about it too. We sell a lot of Refresher VIA at my Starbucks. I can’t wait for it!

  • tricia

    I am guessing it is not sugar free? Sounds yummy….

  • denise r

    I got to try this a couple or 3 wks ago. I think it is by far the best Refresher. @Scott: the lemonade, imo, is more pronounced than the strawberry which is why I like it as a great thirst quencher. Each packet has 6g of sugar or 35 cal/serving. 16oz, as Melody wrote, is what Sbux considers a serving.
    I saw this in Target about 10 days ago, and it was $7.99/box of 6. I found them this week at the same Target for $7.29 plus I had one of those $1.00/off any VIA (of 5 packs or more) So, I thought that was worthwhile. It is a very good tasting product, but for a cold drink, a bit pricey. Still, I think these are excellent.

  • Rebecca

    I wish we had these in Canada :( When I was in Houston, so many of us Canadian SMs were going around getting these for us and our partners. I guess I’ll have to try this new flavour next time I’m in the US :)

  • Laily

    I saw these well over a month ago (@ Target I think) & the pink-ness, as well as the Starbucks Logo, instantly caught my eye, so I bought it right then & there. The funny (or annoying) thing is, I misplaced it! Ha, for a couple days it was in my bag, it got moved, then I moved, so now it’s most likely sitting in a box in self storage (I’m still at the hotel). I will have to get another pack, since I don’t care much for the other flavors of refreshers & this one I’m sure I’ll like. They also come in very handy when you don’t want plain water, but all you have is water; just open a packet, pour, mix (or shake if using a water bottle), & pretty pink yummy beverage appears.

  • Ben

    I thought it was alright, but the problem with these Refresher via’s is how they don’t really dissolve well at all in the water. I actually think the canned Refreshers are better than the VIA or handcrafted versions.

  • jocelyn

    for those of you that have a soda stream, add a packet or 2 of the refreshers via and carbonate it! it is so delicious!!!! my favorite is the cool lime, but i haven’t seen the strawberry lemonade yet!! i guess it’s time to go to safeway and experiment 😉

  • jocelyn

    i made a trip to safeway and found the strawberry lemonade via AND they were $1 off and i also had a $1 off coupon! woo hoo!
    so i took it home, added one packet to one liter of cold water and carbonated it. wow, that is delicious!!!!!! i open tomorrow, so i’ll drink it before work to get extra energized 😉
    melody, come mid-june, i’ll bring you a few bottles if you’d like!

  • Angie

    I love them. Hopefully I can find them in my area.

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