Starbucks Iced Via Ready Brew

Yesterday, Melissa Allison of the Seattle Times’ Coffee City blog reported that Starbucks will soon be launching an iced coffee version of Via Ready Brew. It will come in slightly larger packaging than before, and it will be “lightly sweetened”.  Melissa Allison‘s reporting of this helped me decide that the door was open to talk about this great new product which I’ve been hearing buzz about for months. I personally have not yet tried it (I had hoped that there would be a small pre-launch event that I’d get to sample it at, but as usual, that’s just my wishful thinking).  One person I spoke to about the new Iced Via product, who indeed has tried it, described it as “Seattle’s answer the South’s sweet tea.”  I’ve heard a vague rumor that there could later be flavor variations on this, such as vanilla.

Per the Seattle Times, five packets of the new Iced Via Ready Brew will cost $5.95.  I believe at some point during the R & D phase of this product they toyed with the idea of a four pack for $4.95, but there’s not a significance difference there.

(Coincidentally I have another Via related topic coming tomorrow.)

Basically, I CAN’T WAIT to try this and I wish Starbucks would get this out there. I already enjoy Via and in the summer last year, I thoroughly enjoyed Via mixed with sparkling water and drinking it like a coffee soda. Even better with Vanilla Dry Soda. The opportunity to have the Iced Via with a carbonated water or mixed with a Dry Soda (which would add a very mild flavor) makes me giddy.  But as usual, Starbucks makes us wait and wait, and teases us for a long while before we get to try things. One more example, right here: They announce this a month before launch just to make us crazy.

I’m sure I have a few readers who have sampled the new Iced Via. Please weigh in and comment if you have any opinions on Iced Via or if you have tried it!