The Starbucks everyday coffee is called “Pike Place Roast.”  This entire blog post is nothing but a lesson on the correct name of the current Starbucks everyday brew.

It is not called “Pike’s“.

It is not called “Pike’s Peak“.

It is not called “Pike’s Blend“.

This coffee is called “Pike Place Roast”.

The label on the bag says what it is. Starbucks doesn’t sell “Gold’s Coast” or “Verona’s” either.

As I visit Starbucks, I frequently encounter stores with chalk signage that says “Pike’s“.  This is wrong.  Baristas often incorrectly call it “Pike’s“.  Many customers often make the same mistake.

The coffee takes its name from the Pike Place Market. It is not called “Pike’s Market”.

When in doubt about what this coffee is called, look at the bag.

For the visual learners who are reading this blog, just look at the coffee stamp image associated with this blog post.

For the auditory learners who are reading this,  I’ve included a little snippet of Cliff Burrows, President of all U. S. Starbucks, talking about this coffee. For the auditory learners reading this blog, you can click the replay button and listen over and over again to Cliff correctly call the coffee “Pike Place Roast“.  Cliff has got it right. Thank you Cliff for helping out the blog.

There is a different coffee called “Pike Place Special Reserve” that is NOT the same as “Pike Place Roast.”  And if you’re selling “Pike Place Special Reserve” at your store, it is NOT called “Pike’s Place Special Reserve.”

And now here is Cliff:  Thank you Cliff!  (There is no requirement that baristas acquire a cute little Welsh accent when pronouncing the coffee name. :))

*Edit: Previously I had called it a “British” accent but I’ve been corrected by a twitter follower that it is actually a Welsh accent. I didn’t know that. Sorry! I didn’t mean to mess that up!