This is a short blog post on a few of my favorite collectible Starbucks items.  The three items picked for this episode don’t really have some common connection, but I like all three things so I figured I would share them here. I’ve got something old, something new, something borrowed, and something yellow. 😉  As I talk about each item, it should be totally obvious which pictures match up with the corresponding descriptions of the items.

Something old:

I was glancing at my million and one mugs at home and flipped this one over and looked at the date.  I was stunned to see that it said 1994.  All I could think is, “wow, is this mug really sixteen years old?”  It is possible that many partners have no memory at all of what the Starbucks of 1994 was like.  Since it is so old, and possibly not commonly found on many kitchen shelves, I thought I would pass on a few photos of it.  It’s not the oldest thing that I own, but old enough to share here.  By the way, I notice that the overwhelming majority of Starbucks merchandise is not dated.  It can be very difficult to pin down exactly when something was produced because Starbucks is terrible about dating things.  I was surprised to see the year “1994” on the bottom.

Something new and something borrowed:

This is a new Starbucks Reserve cup.  For those who do not know, Starbucks has recently launched a line of premium coffees called the “Reserve” coffees.  Stores offering the Reserve coffees also have these cute Reserve sample cups.  This is also borrowed. 😉 I really have to get it back to the store.  I love these little black cups because I think they are very classy looking.  The first of the Starbucks Reserve coffees was launched in August this year, and was first time Starbucks has offered a coffee sourced from the Galapagos Islands.  The link on the Galapagos Island coffee takes you inside the Starbucks headquarters for a special roasting event held on the last Wednesday in August.  There are some photos of this event, which I was lucky enough to attend.  I hope that there will be more of these kinds of events in the future!

Galapagos Island Roasting Event blog post

Something yellow:

This is also a favorite of mine.  What collection of Starbucks merchandise is complete without a Vivanno apron?  I bought this from ebay, but what I am really looking for is a Sorbetto apron!  If I could find a Sorbetto apron, then I really would have “something blue” for this blog post.  Yes, I do feel a little married to Starbucks sometimes. 😉

That’s it.  A mini merchandise tour.

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