Starbucks is introducing a 31-ounce “Trenta” cold drink size on January 18, 2011, in numerous states, with a nationwide launch planned in May of this year.  This new, larger, drink size will be available only for iced coffee or iced tea beverages.  It is not a Frappuccino size!

Let me provide a little background and a few facts

Summer 2008:

Starbucks has long been interested in introducing a larger cup size to their cold drink lineup.  It is clear that there is a demand for very large iced tea beverages.  In fact, in the summer of 2008, Starbucks tested briefly in Washington State a “double grande” size cold cup with the word “Tazo” on it.  The “double grande” cup was 32 ounces and strictly for iced tea or an iced tea lemonade drink only.  Note that you couldn’t even get an iced coffee in the “Double Grande” cup.  That was a short lived test.  Here is the link to my prior blog post on the “Double Grande” size cup:

January 2010:

Again, Starbucks began testing a larger cup size in early 2010.  This time the cup size was called the “Trenta” and was 31 ounces.  The test was primarily in Arizona.  In February 2010, I blogged about this:

September/ Fall 2010:

By the Fall of 2010, the Trenta cup test was expanding.  Many parts of Georgia now had the Trenta cup, and in addition Georgia Starbucks stores tested a “Classic” iced black tea beverage.  As I write this, most Starbucks use the Tazo brand “Awake” black tea for their iced black tea beverages.  This is a delicious black tea and I love it!  It has a hint of citrus flavor to it making it not quite a classic tea but very delicious.  The “Classic” tea tested in Georgia did not have the citrus flavor to it, and therefore was more of a plain tea.  Here is my blog post on that test:

Current launch of the Trenta cup:

Starbucks has announced that 14 states will offer the new Trenta cup size on Tuesday the 18th of January, and that by May 3, 2011, all Starbucks stores will offer this new size.  The Trenta cup size is for iced coffee or iced tea drinks only (I realize I said that already, but it is important).

Here is the Reuter’s news segment on the Trenta:

And now for the gossip and speculation:

I don’t know exactly which 14 states will get the Trenta on January 18th.  I’ve heard that most of the South will have it by Tuesday.  One friend of mine told me that California launches the Trenta on February 1, 2011, but again, this is unconfirmed rumor.  I have also heard rumor that the Tazo Awake Tea will be replaced by the “plain” black tea as the standard iced tea offering.  Don’t quote me on that because I could be wrong!  I have frequently heard it said that when stores switch to the Trenta size cup the standard drink recipe will go from sweetened to unsweetened.  This means that you will now have to ask your barista to have your tea sweetened with classic rather than that happening automatically.  Again, I could be wrong!

I would love to know what you think of the new drink size!  Have you tried it?  I know that I probably could really drink a Trenta passion tea in the summer.  Let me know what you think, please!


In the comments, it has been confirmed that all stores offering the Trenta size will be switching from “Awake” black tea to the “Classic” black tea.

In 2008, Starbucks briefly sold a 32-ounce old Siren logo cold cup.  I need to make it very clear that this was only briefly available and was a partner-only product.  This was never on the shelves at your local Starbucks.  I just realized that the Trenta cup lid fits it!  I think that is kind of cool!  I bought the 2008 novelty cup at the partner store, and a partner sent me Trenta cup and lids in February 2010 which is how I have all those items.  Again, my apologies for the off topic edit.  Now back to your Trenta conversation.