Tea Is A Prism That Colors Each Day: Tazo full leaf tea at Starbucks

Tazo Full Leaf Tea Menu

Tazo Full Leaf Tea Menu

Recently I had a conversation with a barista where she related to me that she wished that Starbucks sold whole leaf tea in their stores. I mentioned to her that Starbucks did do a test of whole leaf tea in a few stores in 2008.  After more conversation about Tazo, I mentioned that there had been a whole leaf tea menu in those test stores, and that I still had a couple of old menus floating around somewhere.  The Starbucks Barista said that she’d be interested in seeing them.  So this short blog entry is for you, my barista friend, and for anyone else curious about that menu from the full leaf tea test.  (The left edge of the tea menu has the words “tea is a prism that colors each day” and the card is printed an off-white heavy card stock).

Click here for an image of the front side of the Tazo Full Leaf Tea menu card.

Click here for an image of the back side of the Tazo Full Leaf Tea menu card.

Many thank yous to my friend Larry Aldrich of Seattle Custom Framing who took the photos for me.

Edit on 10-2-2009:  I am hearing gossip that full leaf tea is coming to Starbucks in January 2010.  Does anyone know any more?

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  • Kelly Lawson

    Wow Melody! This is really great! I’m so glad you had this menu and were able to share it. The photos look lovely. You truly are a treasure chest when it comes to Starbucks! Looking forward to reading more!

  • Joseph

    I just sent you an article about Coffee Bean, a Los Angeles-based chain (but ‘Bucks-like) that is headed to the Bay Area to challenge the Dukes of Seattle.

  • Melody

    Hi Joseph. I got your email. Here is the link you’re referrencing:


    Essentially Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is trying to jump in on some of the Starbucks’ market in San Francisco/Bay Area. Not a bad move on their part. I wonder if that is part of the motivation of getting the Clover to more stores in San Francisco – a better competitive edge. ?? I wonder if they’ll head north to Seattle. Here, we’re just saturated with coffee houses!

  • Larry Aldrich

    Melody- Thanks for the shout out, I am always happy to help. (Pay me in VIA)

  • major

    Melody-Congrats on your blog…I learned about it from Melissa A ‘s.
    Check out Jacob’s entry in todays blog from http://www.streetlevelcoffee.com.
    All full leaf Tazo there which I know you know.

  • baroosta

    Yes, Melody, according to the FY10 Holiday Siren’s Eye, full leaf teas will replace the current filterbag teas in company operated stores starting January 2010.

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