Seattle’s Best Coffee has launched three different flavors of canned iced coffee beverages and they generously sent me some to try.  The three flavors are Iced Vanilla Latte, Iced Mocha, and Iced Latte.  You should be able to easily find them at your local grocery store.  You may be wondering, ‘I bought these canned drinks.  What now?’  Have no fear, I have an answer:  First, put them in your refrigerator and chill them.  Then when you’re craving a quick cold latte but you can’t get to Starbucks (and likely you’re snowed in, as most of the country has been), grab a can and pop the top and drink away!  You could put the iced latte into a pre-chilled glass, but that step is not required.

And what did I do with this drink?  I drank it straight from the can!  Here is a silly pic I took of myself, holding the camera at arm’s length away from me:

These are yummy.  The Iced Vanilla is not too sweet nor too vanilla-y. Really good!  I have never been much into canned drinks, but these were fun to try. Each can is 130 calories which you will quickly burn off because you are probably a busy a person! Hence, why you need coffee on the go!  (“Anywhere great coffee is needed” as the Seattle Best folks might say, ;))  The Iced Latte flavor has a light coffee flavor, and is satisfying.  Could be a little bolder really.  I like it though.

Seattle’s Best recently introduced their five “levels” of coffee.  I have discovered that I am Level 4 coffee!  Some of you might remember that I wrote a blog post about that here:

Seattle’s Best introduces 5 levels of coffee – A simplified new take on your coffee.

I really think the idea of five levels of coffee is creative.  It’s a very easy way to decide what coffee is best for your special mug.  I assume eventually Seattle’s Best will want to offer a few special blends or single origin coffees too, but these five basic levels of coffee are a great introduction to coffee.  Levels 1 and 2 are quite light, and I would drink them any day over Pike Place Roast, despite that they are light.

The “giveaway” part of this blog post is for five “curiosity packs” from Seattle’s Best Coffee.  The curiosity packs include samples of the new Seattle’s Best Levels coffee and sample cans of these new Iced Latte beverages.  The “curiosity packs” sound really great to me!  Who wouldn’t want free cans of Iced Coffee for your on the go moments to grab from the fridge!  Free is a fabulous price!  I’m not sure if I will be sending them directly to you, or whether they will come directly from Seattle’s Best Coffee.  We’ll got that figured out, and either way, they will be sent with TLC.  I promise.

Here’s something important to to notice about the can:

^ If you look carefully, you can see the Space Needle can be found in one of the little circles on the back of the can.  I especially like that!  The can should in some way tell you it comes from Seattle.

How to enter in the giveaway:

  • 1. You must have an address anywhere in the United States.
  • 2. You must submit an entry before February 13, 2011 at 6:00 a.m.
  • 3. Winners will be drawn at random – I will put names in a hat and pick them out.
  • 4. To enter, leave a comment on the blog.
  • 5. The comment must talk about the Seattle’s Best Levels or the Canned coffees in a sentence, and we’re going to have some silly fun with this:
  • 6. The first person starts with the letter “A” and might write something like, “Anytime is fine for Level #4 coffee.”  The second person might write, “Bold – Level 5 is for me, because it’s bold.”  The third person might write “Chilled – Give me an iced Mocha anytime chilled!”  We are just going to keep going through every letter of the alphabet, and when we get to “z,” I’m sure someone will think of something, even if they like the zing of Level 3 coffee.  And then it starts all over.
  • 7. Of course, you can write more in the comment than just your alphabet-qualifying sentence.
  • 8. Profanity is not allowed.  I will delete any comments that are profane.  Just be silly and fun.
  • 9. There will be five people who win the “curiosity packs.”
  • 10.  I might send out some random consolation prizes too. 😉
  • 11.  I will announce all winners on the 14th – My Valentine’s Day present to you!
  • 12. You can enter more than once, just be sure to follow the instructions at #6.

We connect over coffee.  We have fun with it.  It’s the universal language.  For this blog post, it will be our alphabet.

As is probably clear, this blog post is sponsored by the marketing folks behind Seattle’s Best Coffee.  Except any “consolation prizes” will come from me.  I have no doubt, this is not what Seattle’s Best was expecting from me!  You can google “Curiosity Giveaway – Seattle’s Best” to see what others did.  By the way, this my 250th blog post on this site!  Somehow that seems amazing to me.  Thank you everyone who is joining in to make this a fun and upbeat place.

One last thing, be sure to follow Seattle’s Best Coffee on Twitter: @SeattlesBest.

Take it away!