The Seattle’s Best Coffee giveaway is over.  There were a grand total of 113 comments, although I did not count my own comments in the running for a prize.  I wrote 9 comments.  Nob wrote 3 comments that did not count (not in the US).  That meant that 101 entries went into the hat for a prize.  This contest brought out a lot of new names, and there were two Amys, one Alex, and one Alexander, and two Tims, but I think I kept them all separated correctly.  It wasn’t that hard. I just made a tally one by one, added it up, wrote names on little cards, and threw them in a hat.  However the hat that I picked out was too small for this giveaway.  I actually ended up using an Eddie Bauer bag.

The five winners of the “Curiosity Pack” of various coffees and iced coffees are:

  1. Purple1
  2. Hope
  3. Karin
  4. Tim (not Tim Sandor but the other Tim)
  5. Darkkatpouncing

These five people need to contact me as soon as possible so I can figure out how to get them their prize.  If the prize has not been spoken for within 48 hours, I will draw again.  My email is

There were three consolation prizes.  These three people won a $5 Starbucks gift card.  I don’t have a photo of those cards but they were the following people:

  1. Tim Sandor
  2. BCav
  3. CamSpi

I’ve already given all of you my email address, but once again, please claim your prize by emailing me at

And this is it.  My last blog post for a full week.  I leave you with some suggestions/ideas for reading older blog posts, some of which are perhaps under-viewed blog articles:

The Tweet Up Event at the Headquarters – Photos from the Starbucks monthly roasting event are always fun.

Deconstructing the Starbucks experience into three pieces – Feel free to disagree with me, but I identify three components to the successful “Starbucks experience.”

Fourteen Starbucks t-shirts tell their stories – This is a treasure of a blog post.  I am forever in debt to the partner who, quite out of the blue, sent me her collection of promo t-shirts.

Starbucks tests “Refreshers” in San Diego – It looks like these are not going to ever launch, but they were so delicious! Quite an innovation to use green, unroasted coffee, in a tea-like beverage.