If you’re a Starbucks card collector, be on the look out for a new Starbucks braille card.

This is the third time Starbucks has offered a braille card. The first one was 2011. All of them have the word “Starbucks” punched into them in braille.

If you are a collector of Starbucks collectibles (such as cards), there is a “Coffee Con” convention designed for you! This convention is the 10th and 11th of October. I will be there in the “Trade and Sale” room with copies of Tales of the Siren for sale. And more importantly, I’d be happy to meet you! (The “Trade and Sale” room has a two-hour window that it’s open on Saturday the 11th, I think. But ask the organizer for more information). This is going to be a lot of fun!

I’m not the organizer of Coffee Con! If you have questions about it, contact Sue Fox.  You can reach her by email at StarbucksEditor@yahoo.com. There’s a pre-convention tour that includes fun things like the Coffee Gear Store and much more.

Hope to see you there!