A loyal blog reader sent me an email with an amazing thing he found:  A 1991 Starbucks advertisement for Christmas Blend coffee.  I realize we’re not close to Christmas but this ad is very interesting and so I didn’t want to wait to share it.  I noticed a few things about it right away:

Notice that the logo on it is the 1987 to 1992 era Siren, which is now found in use in only a handful of stores.

Notice that the advertisement proudly announces that Starbucks can be located in six markets (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Tacoma and Los Angeles).

Notice that this advertisement is for the Starbucks direct mail program, which no longer exists in the same form.  One can still order coffee from Starbucks, though nowadays customers do so through StarbucksStore.com.  According to the 1992 Annual Shareholder report (page 13), direct mail earnings accounted for about $1,300,000 in net sales by the end of September 1991.

Now it’s your turn.  We’re having Starbucks history week at the blog given the Joe Magazine and Hear Music blog posts too!  I really wanted to share this ad with you, so I hope you like it too!  Where were you in 1991?

(This advertisement appeared in Architectural Digest magazine.)