I posted this image to Facebook recently:

IMAG1701 SODO 8 StarbucksOn Facebook, I simply tagged it as #WhereInTheWorld and #Starbucks, and then I made a very similar post on Instagram too.  Of course, immediately a number of people guessed right that this is a photo from the “SODO 8” Starbucks. I took the pic on Monday, August 11th, as I stood in line. As I read through comments, there were people who wrote, “What’s SODO 8”?

SODO 8 is a company-operated Starbucks. It’s not open to the public. Each time I’ve been there, a Starbucks corporate headquarters partner has escorted my visit. The line is almost entirely headquarter partners. In fact, I’d guess that 99% of the time, every customer is a partner. The store is intended to serve all the 3,000 (or maybe 4,000 or so) Starbucks headquarters employees. And this store stays busy. I’ve walked by a couple of times (while at events at the SSC) and not gotten into the line because it stays so busy. On top of that, this special store donates its profits to the Starbucks CUP Fund. This store opened new March 8, 2011.

Some of my readers might be familiar with a Starbucks customer named Winter who is on a life-long journey to visit every single Starbucks in the world. He’s been to this store once. His photo is here. This is Starbucks store # 15253, 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134.

Now if someone asks you what the “SODO 8” Starbucks is, you’ll know. It has a Clover and the kind of menu you’d expect: Coffee, handcrafted drinks, La Boulange pastries, Evolution Fresh juices, and it’s designed to be a Starbucks for the headquarters Starbucks partners.

One more thing: I imagine someone is going to ask if there’s a story behind the large original Siren in this photo. As I recall (and someone please correct me if I got this wrong), but that original large Siren was salvaged from Starbucks’ original roasting facility location (long-since closed) and then ultimately re-purposed for this store. Don’t quote me on that though! I need to double check on that.