Roy Street Coffee and Tea (operated by Starbucks) uses an automatic Pour Over device.  It is created by the same folks who invented the Clover coffee brewer.  This is the only store where I have ever seen this automatic pour over.  I’ve often wondered about it.  I am pretty sure that there are just a couple of distinct advantages over the traditional manual coffee pour over.  First off, the barista can turn it on, and walk away, and not have to stand there pouring water over coffee.  This definitely frees up the barista to do something else.   Since the pour over of water is mechanical, it’s controlled and won’t be prepared at a too hot or too cold temperature.  And the actual pour over of water won’t result in over or under extraction of the coffee due to barista variation in how long the pour over of water takes.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!  I don’t have anything else to say about this interesting device.  I wonder, who wants one in their store? 😀