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Sign a pledge that you support an end to political campaign donations

This week in the news, Howard Schultz  (CEO, Starbucks) publicly called on business leaders of major corporations to end political campaign donations.  The debacle and political inability to reach a resolution in the debt ceiling issue was, in many ways, a driving factor in this bold move to pledge to end political donations.

The Huffington Post interviewed Howard Schultz about it here:

Huffington Post interview of Howard Schultz

On August 12, 2011, Howard was interviewed by the New York Times, on this issue, and here’s an excerpt:

In effect, Schultz thinks the country should go on strike against its politicians. “The fundamental problem,” he said, “is that the lens through which Congress approaches issues is re-election. The lifeblood of their re-election campaigns is political contributions.” Schultz wants his countrymen — big donors and small; corporations and unions — to stop making political contributions in presidential and Congressional campaigns. Simple as that. Economists like to talk about how incentives change behavior. Schultz is proposing that Americans give Washington an incentive to begin acting responsibly on their behalf.

New York Times article.

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