2013-08-13 - Close up Starbucks Anniversary Blend 2013 - photo from amStarbucks has given the 2013 Anniversary Blend packaging a fresh new look! It gets a blast of color, instead of being a very brown package, as it has been in recent years. I like the new look!

One thing I really wanted to point out was that if you buy a pound on StarbucksStore.com right now, you get a cute little tasting cup with it.  I assume that there is a limited number of the tasting cups, and it’s pretty cute and collectible!  I already ordered my Anniversary Blend on StarbucksStore.com.

Here’s what the packaging and taster cup looks like from StarbucksStore.com:

Anniversary Blend StarbucksStore screen cap 23 August 2013

I really want to take a minute to show off the new packaging.  I love how it talks about the aged Indonesian beans on the backside of the bag:

2013-08-13 21.23 - Backside of Coffee - 2013 - Sneak peek - from AM

Here’s the front of this year’s Anniversary Blend whole bean coffee:

2013-08-13 21.21 Anniversary Blend 2013 full front of package - from AM

Last year’s packaging looked like this:

Anniversary Blend image from StarbucksStore

You can click onto all of these photos to make them larger.  I haven’t even tried this year’s Anniversary Blend yet, but I am looking forward to it!

For those who do not recall the history behind this coffee, it is one of just a few coffees offered by Starbucks which includes aged Indonesia beans, giving the coffee its characteristic spicy flavor.  This coffee was first offered in 1996, in celebration of Starbucks’ 25th Anniversary!  The original banner signage in stores looked like this:

05469 25th Anniversary of Starbucks 1996 in store marketingAnd in celebration of the 25th Starbucks anniversary, partners wore tie-dye t-shirts that looked like this:


As always, do not re-use photos without permission.  I kind of think it would be fun if next year’s Anniversary Blend was in yellow, red, and orange tie-dye packaging! 😉

New this year, Starbucks Anniversary Blend will be available in the Verismo Pod format, as well as a K-cup for Keurig coffee machines.  Anniversary Blend lands in Starbucks stores everywhere on September 3, 2013, but of course you can order it now on StarbucksStore.com.  (I can’t wait to be able to get Anniversary Blend for the Verismo!)


Hope you enjoyed this quick look at Anniversary Blend.