On Friday July 8, 2016, I was at the SSC. For those of you who don’t know, that’s what Starbucks calls their headquarters in Seattle. It’s the “Starbucks Support Center.” Now you can wow your friends with Starbucks acronyms: the “SSC”‘

While I was there, I saw this:

20160708_161750 moments of connection

I love this sign. This is what Starbucks strives for the experience inside their stores. Every moment is right. I decided I’d look for tweets that fit this motto. Here ya’ go:

12 tweets to make you smile:

I relate to this next one. Makeup talk from your barista is a real thing. Eons ago, there used to be a partner named “Lauren” at Pacific Place Starbucks whom I’d talk makeup with. I totally started buying Charlotte Tilbury mascara because of her.

This is just great in every way. Can I have this barista here in my home neighborhood stores right here in the retail core of Seattle? Is it time for a transfer for this partner? (j/k)

I fundamentally believe that smiles are contagious!

This Virginia CBS news anchor is really named “Sparkles.”


Apparently there are a lot of smiles at the drive-thru!

Customers are at the core of what Starbucks does:

This is sweet. I definitely played a lot of checkers as a kid!

This is super adorable too!

And let me end with some flowers:




The opposite of “12 Starbuckian Tweets to Make You Smile” would be “12 Starbuckian Tweets to Make You Cry.” That could be a sequel! For today though, I give you these 12 feel-good tweets.

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