Starbucks survey receipts get rid of free drink – Now $1 off next purchase. Teacher Appreciation card coming soon.

Starbucks news update:  Survey receipts change, and Starbucks to add a Teacher Appreciation card:

Time for a brief news update in the world of Starbucks. Yesterday, April 11, 2012, I dropped by one of my regular Starbucks and received a Customer Voice survey receipt.  Something big has changed!  The survey receipts (once the customer has completed the survey) now offer the perk of $1.00 off your next purchase, and do not offer a free tall beverage.  For a long time, the perk was a free tall-sized beverage.

Just as a reminder, a store’s customer voice results are important to the partners, and Starbucks stresses to managers that their customers need to be “highly satisfied,” which is the highest rating on this survey.  One takes the survey at MyStarbucksVisit, after having received a special Customer Voice survey receipt during a store visit.

For me, I prefer the $1.00 off.  I definitely grab a quick panani now and then, and I like the flexibility of being able to use a perk on either food or beverage.  Also, with a “tall” sized drink (12 ounces), it never feels like quite enough if you’re getting an iced drink.  If I am buying an iced drink, I almost always get a  “grande” (16 ounces) or “venti” (24 ounces).   I’ve always thought that the free tall drinks probably frustrate customers in warm climates where iced drinks make up a large  percentage business segment.

Also, there are millions of gold card holders already earning free drink coupons.  I know that for me, it feels like I am drowning in free drink coupons.

I recognize that not everyone will agree with me on that, and so I am very curious… What do you think of the change to $1.00 off your purchase?

In other news, a regular reader in Georgia sent me Teacher Appreciation card for my collection.  She said she walked into her local Starbucks (which happens to be a licensed location) saw the cards out, and grabbed one for me, thinking of this blog!  This is the first time Starbucks has offered a Teacher Appreciation card.  As you can see, it says “Thanks, teacher!” on it.

What do you think of the survey change or the new card?  Sorry this blog post is sloppy.  I am trying to quickly type this out before work!


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  • purple1

    Snowing here! Anyway, Denise R I also have done many surveys and have not seen anything related to a time issue. I agree that there should be space for choosing more than one drink or even for more than one food item. I always thought these surveys were not customer friendly.

  • DadCooks

    @Veronika… (and @denise r & @purple1) – I got a survey yesterday and there was no time or date question.

    I agree that the surveys leave a lot to be desired, like @purple1 says not being able to account for more than one drink or food item.

    The surveys do not seem to have changed in years. From the basic standpoint of metrics that has a point, but over time a survey needs to change to reflect additional metrics.

  • denise r

    @purple1: O.T. :( what about your weather??? you must be in that blizzard? (and I’m jealous, except of course for any hardship it causes, and….?? no power?) Are you there?

  • purple1

    Hi Denise R yes we got about 14 inches of snow. Did not lose power and the sun is out now!!! Lots of shoveling especially since my husband had to go to work today. Thanks for asking. Re the surveys again – given that SB is introducing so many new items and having so many new rewards and promotions you would think they would include survey questions dealing with this.

  • Vernon Wittkopp

    I am hooked on Chai Tea Latte. It is great Thanks

  • Karen

    I came to your site to take the survey like the barista told me so I could get the dollar off my next drink (green tea frapaciano) and it does NOT work. All it has done is get me SO FLUSTERED I want to NEVER drink another one. There is NO CUSTOMER # on my receipt.

  • Melody

    Hi Karen – This little site is just a little customer fan site. Starbucks does not operate

    You have to go to the website
    At the bottom of your receipt will be a long string of numbers and letters – it’s in fairly small print, and usually ends in “US” – At least mine all have.

    If you don’t have one of the special survey receipts, you cannot do the survey.

    I hope that helps!

  • tiffany morency

    Thank you for the coffee!

  • Dawn

    The customer service @ my Safeway store in Sherwood is excellent !!
    Always a Friendly face :)

  • Vernandina Fejerang

    I am so hooked on Green Tea Frap. Thnx

  • Charlotte Patton

    We go to the Starbucks kiosk located in the Safeway Market in our area ONLY because of the specialized service we have received from the employees there, all are exceptional, when the employees sees us coming, they already know what we want before we ask, they are very personal young people…..need more like them in ALL Starbucks.
    Apparently Dawn has had the same experience at her Safeway Store, good to hear, we do love friendly faces!!!!

  • Charlotte Patton

    My post is from Auburn, Ca.

  • Cecelia

    Almost every morning I go out of my way by 6 miles to go to Starbucks in Safeway on the north side of town. I then drive 52 miles one way to work. I don’t mind because I have my Starbuck coffee the way I want it. The clerks at Starbucks know my name, they know I am in a hurry so they start preparing it for me as soon as they see me. It makes my life and my job very enjoyable.

  • Paul & Kristina Sayama

    We love green tea frappes!!!

  • Patrick Yee

    May I combine coupons in one purchase? For example, if I buy an everything bagel, a small cup of brewed coffee, and an oatmeal cookie at the same time, may I use 3 coupons for the three items?


  • Darcy Harding

    I have been going to this Safeway location in Milwaukie Oregon and I have had the best customer service ever all the time. All the girls are exceptionaly friendly and knowlegable, and so personalble. They dont allow tips but if they did they would be rewarded daily. Thankyou for having great teams like these girls.

  • judy schimke

    i just want to let you know I sure enjoy and of the drinks and when I shop at vons its a treat to have one of most wonderful drink and makes shopping more fun so thank you for having one in the store and all of the girls a so great vons in e cajon calif .

  • regina mathews

    I love going to starbucks. To me they have the best coffee

  • andrea

    I just love your coffee, cant walk out the door without a cup, the aroma gets me everytime! This is the 1st time I have made this comment. Matter of fact, its the 1st time I have written a comment about your coffee!!!

  • Ken Lightfoot

    I love my Starbucks & I also enjoy the people that serve it

  • Larry B

    The coffee is delicious but the wait if frequently too long due to only one person working and extensive chattiness-fine when only one customer but inefficient when several ppl ae waiting

  • sandy swift

    I think Starbucks is Awesome.
    I would definetely tell all my friends about this.
    It’s delicious although the wait is sometimes slow.

  • sandy swift

    I want my 1$ off coupon,please. Thank You.

  • Sandra Swift

    I feel your coffee is the best, in the west. On the exception of the long line at various stores. Maybe something can be done about that.

  • Rosemary

    So sorry to hear there is no $1. off anymore I really look forward to this as the price is getting too high for me I’m an old senior and really can’t afford these but I enjoy them and it is treat for me Too bad. All the people who work where I get mine are super great. Please bring in a coupon that we can use once in awhile. Sure would be nice especially like folks like me

  • Gene Frye

    I like the free drink reward. Are you going to do police and fireman appreciation cards too? Many different jobs contribute to our community.

  • JudyGrothWard

    When I went to enter my code for the customer survey I was informed that that code had already been used. Well, I didn’t use it so I wonder how I can get my $1 off without a validation code since I couldn’t do the survey. Frustration!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Chiaroni

    Tried to take your survey but there wasn’t a place to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Barista code is 14199! Don’t know what else to do!

  • Regina

    I also have a great experience when I go to the Starbucks inside Safeway @ 2201 E. Madison Seattle, WA 98112. Keyonna, Makayla, and Dani ALWAYS give me the BEST customer service and most importantly these lovely ladies know my drink and if I want to try something different and unsure they will make little samples for me to try. YOU LADIES ROCK..

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