The tour of Starbucks Clover stores continues:

The next Clover Starbucks is located at 27 School Street, in Boston, Massachusetts.  I dropped by on March 28, 2012, and had a great time meeting the store manager, Edward, whom I learned is a 10-year partner!  This Starbucks is right on the “Freedom Trail” walking tour of Boston, and is adjacent to a gorgeous old building called “Old City Hall.”  The store has a nice view out the window facing the Old City Hall.

Just as an aside, in my book, Boston is one fabulous place to take a vacation.  I’ve taken a few trips out to Boston and always return home feeling totally rested and relaxed.  I love it.  It’s easy to get around by the T.   It’s fantastically beautiful.  As I walked along Beacon Street on the way to 27 School Street Starbucks, the friend whom I was with pointed out that if you look at the old buildings, many have purple windows.  The panes of glass are original from the 18th century, and from 200+ years of aging, now have a purple hue to them.

I arrived at 27 School Street Starbucks at about 9:00 a.m., having just come from the One Charles Street Starbucks.  I had some difficulty getting good photos, as this is a very busy store.  There were long lines during almost my entire visit.  And usually most seats were taken.

A partner named “Fox” had prepared a quick coffee tasting, and we compared Ethiopia Sidamo from the Clover and from a French press.  As my regular readers know, I always think it is a great idea to compare brew methods when trying a coffee!  It’s amazing how much the brew method can change the flavor.  Two thumbs up to Fox for the great coffee tasting!  (Just as a reminder, I do have a whole category about coffee tastings, and even an article on Melody’s Top 10 Tips for a Great Coffee Tasting.)  The French press gave the Sidamo a very full and smooth flavor, and we noticed that there was little aftertaste.  Also, both the Clover and the French press do an excellent job of bringing out lots of lemon notes in this coffee.  Both are great.  You can’t go wrong with Sidamo.  (I love a good African coffee too.)

This Starbucks added their Clover at the end of September 2011, so it is a little newer in terms of having the Clover brewer.  The original opening date of this store was April 27, 2000.

This store has a great mural depicting The Freedom Trail on a large wall in the main seating area.  My understanding is that a partner at the SSC created it.  I should have taken a photo of the wall signage about the mural which had information about the artist.

This store easily gets a two thumbs up from me.  Drop by if you’re in Boston, and especially if you’re walking the Freedom Trail!

Here’s the store’s contact information:

Starbucks store #7535
27 School Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
(617) 227 7731