Stainless Steel Card 2013Starbucks will soon be offering a new stainless steel card.  It’s available beginning this Friday, and will be sold exclusively by  There is only 1,000 of these cards, so they’ll be gone super fast.  I can’t even imagine that I’ll be lucky enough to get one!

Some readers may recall that last year Starbucks had a similar offering, producing 5,000 steel cards available via  Just like last year, the stainless steel card retails for $450.00, and comes with a $400 balance pre-loaded on the card.  Also, once the card is registered, a Gold-level MyStarbucksRewards membership is unlocked.  Obviously, it’s a pretty incredible item for the serious Starbucks card collector or enthusiast!

The official newsroom article on this steel card is here.

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So who’s going to try and get one?  I think I will try but the truth is, since there is only 1,000 of them the odds are against me that I’ll be successful.

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