Featured Clover Starbucks: Boston Commons, Boston, Massachusetts

On March 28, 2012, I had a chance to visit the Starbucks at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets, located in Boston, Massachusetts.  This store holds the distinction of being the very first Starbucks store in Massachusetts ever!  It opened brand new on April 15, 1994.

Congratulations on 18 years of being in Boston!

The store’s 18th anniversary is only a matter of days away, so be sure to drop by the store and congratulate the partners for 18 years of success in Boston!

Although this is a smaller space, it’s a fantastic store located nearly adjacent to the Boston Commons, on the corner of Charles Street and Beacon Street.  I met with Bethany (the district manager) and Brian (the store manager) and we talked for a bit about the unique aspects to this store.  This store was also one of the very first stores to have a Clover.  According to Brian, the store added a Clover in February 2008.  That was super early!  I know that I discovered the Clover in January 2008, and at that time there were only a handful of them in the whole company.

By the way, when I met with Brian, I was struck that I think this is the second time I’ve met him.  Since I have a sister living in the greater Boston area, I’ve taken trips out here before, and I am pretty sure that I met him on my last trip out to Boston!

Brian has been a partner since 2006.  We did an informal quick tasting of the current Starbucks Reserve offering: Nicaragua Blue Diamond, and I was impressed the Brian still had the aroma kit to use and guide us through the tasting.

(By the way, I always suggest a visit to my previous article:  Melody’s top 10 coffee tasting tips.)

I have to admit that I have neglected the Nicaragua Blue Diamond in the current lineup since there is Sidamo to chose from, and a few stores still have a little Harrar left.  It was good to go through a guided tasting of the under-loved coffee!

The store has a lot of charm to it.  The chandeliers are quite elegant, and I really like the big community table which looks as if it were constructed hundreds of years ago.  I didn’t manage to get a great photo of the Clover area, which I had wanted but the store very quickly filled up with customers shortly after I arrived.

Since I got there early, I ordered oatmeal for breakfast.  It was given to me in a little half-size Starbucks bag, designed just for the oatmeal.  We don’t have those little bags out in Seattle, but they look like they make a lot of sense.  I would guess that it is more cost effective to use the small bags than the larger handle bags.

I hope to get back to this Starbucks soon.  Everything about it was wonderful.  It’s also in an amazing historic area of Boston to explore.  My coffee was fine, the store was clean, and the partners were friendly.  I could not ask for more.

I attached a few pictures –  I wish I had taken more, but the store began to fill up with customers (as I mentioned previously).

And here’s the address, if you want to visit:

Starbucks store #801
65 – 66 Beacon Street (at the corner of Beacon and Charles)
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 742 – 2664

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  • Barb the French Bean

    I’ve just had a Proustienne moment with those photos. Looking at the light seeping through the windows of an early morning, I am suddenly reminded of those days when I would get to my job at the law office and bide my time by talking to the baristas (my favorite moved to Chicago) and sipping on a hot chocolate from the Starbucks that was close by.

    I think I may go back to it today. :)

  • purple1

    Great review Melody. I know that SB. I like when the stores have community tables. Also, it is always so nice to see and hear about friendly partners. Can’t wait to read the reviews of your other stops.

  • denise r

    beautiful old building. I always love the seating ..bar type..along the windows. I’ve seen many Sbux take them out and also add them. I think they’re a really efficient use of space.
    Thanx Melody..for another trip! interesting. (and great part of Boston)

  • Becky E

    What a beautiful store. Great review, Melody. I’m thinking a road trip may be in order!

  • Darkkatpouncing

    I really like the large community tables. I’ve seen a few in some of the Starbuks I’ve been in and it’s really nice. I’ve been to Boston once and would love to go back – such a beautiful city :)

  • CD

    Wow – it’s hard to believe Starbucks has only been in Boston a bit less than 18 years. By the time this store opened, they were already quite ubiquitous in Chicago. I realize Chicago was their first national expansion city, but I didn’t realize it took that long to reach Boston.

    What an amazing 18 years, huh? And now look at the Boston market – don’t they have the second largest number of Clover stores? And couldn’t we also say they are home to Pike Place Roast (given Dunkin’s prominence in Boston and New England?) 😉

    Thanks for the review Melody. It’s nice to see how Starbucks blends into the older buildings in more urban areas.

  • camspi

    WOW! That’s such a neat store! Thanks for taking us with you to Boston! Sounds like you had a wonderful experience! These kinds of posts are my favorite! I love seeing unique designs in the company, and this store certainly is unique.

  • Jason

    I’ve been to this Starbucks and had my first Clover at this location! Nice little trip down memory lane. The partners were very nice when I was there (it was long before my own personal partner days), they even let me take pictures of the Clover machine.

  • Wella

    Pretty fair and nice review. It’s nice to hear about good partners and a clean store, as always. Would love to drop by there some time. Thanks!

  • hayley

    OH my!! The chandeliers and crown molding are GORGEOUS!!!

  • Anthony

    That place is beautiful. Very understated and elegant decor — nothing cookie-cutter about it. I really like the seating in front of the Clover.

    I wish they had those hafl-sized bags here. Whenever I order oatmeal they just put the spoon and the toppings in a pastry bag and give me the cup separately. Not easy to carry.

  • Sebastian

    What a lovely store in this old building! The inside looks like a noble restaurant.

  • Laura

    Love the interiour! Am I the only one that is amused? :) it is SO elegant and luxorious.

  • Melody

    I love seeing all these replies! I hope the store’s partners see the blog and can delight in knowing so many people think they have a great store! At least I think that is the kind of thing that can make a person feel good. :)

  • Brian

    I heard somewhere that all the wood on the walls is reclaimed barn wood locally sourced from New Hampshire. Ohh and I also heard the partners here know how lucky they are and love their store!!! :)

  • Pencil to Paper

    Wow, this is a gorgeous location! Another I must add to my list of Starbucks-I’d-Like-To-Visit! Thanks for sharing the photos! Beautiful!

  • Melody

    @Brian – Glad to know! I think I’d been told that the wood was locally sourced from NH, but spaced that out. And it’s great that the team loves it there too!
    @Pencil_to_paper – Do you know that feeling of having a very long list of ‘must visit’ Starbucks to go see? I’ve got so many on that list!

  • Amy in Boston

    Hey Mel

    I love this Starbucks. one of my favorite things about this location is the seating and unfortunately, everytime I’ve walked into this store, there hasn’t been any seats available.

    Also, I’ve never seen those oatmeal bags…I hate that when I order oatmeal, they give me a large bag.

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