About five months ago, I wrote a blog article about a special new single-serve coffee brewer in use at a tiny number of Starbucks stores.  It is a test item that eliminates the  need for baristas to perform any coffee cadence.  My old blog post is here:

Starbucks tests a revolutionary single cup brewer.

This unique coffee brewer has a variety of hoppers atop it, and in a matter of seconds, each cup is brewed on demand.  Unlike a Clover coffee brewer, the selection of coffees is limited by the number of coffees in the bean hoppers on top of this new auto brewer.  With the Clover coffee brewer, a customer can order any coffee they like.

My original blog post had a fairly poor quality photo.  As luck would have it, a blog reader emailed me a much nicer photo of this new special brewer!  And from the reader, I also learned that the test is still in progress, months after my first blog post.  So here it is, a much nicer photo of the test brewers:

What do you think of this special auto brewer?  This IS a much nicer of picture of it!  Thank you to the reader who sent it to me.