2 - 1 - DSC01699 smoked salmonThere’s smoked salmon at Starbucks! It is recommended for your bagel with cream cheese, as I understand it. Of course, you can buy the salmon separately, if you like. The smoked Sockeye Salmon retails for $3.95 and is one serving, and about 45 calories.

Starbucks launched the smoked salmon on April 28th in six select markets: Seattle, Boston, New York City, San Fransisco, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles (from what I’ve heard from Facebook friends is that the LA launch includes some Orange County stores. For example, the salmon has been spotted at the Block at Orange, and a few other OC locations.)

Starbucks is calling this a “limited availability” product launch, since it’s available only in select markets. I’ve included it in the test products category here at StarbucksMelody (click through to browse current or past test items) despite that very strictly speaking, it’s not a test. However since it’s not a national item, and still unknown whether this will stick around for a while, I’m still categorizing it with the “test” items category.

Bagel with cream cheese and salmon anyone?

Thank you to reader Dennis who submitted this picture: (Picture credit for the salmon with the Reserve cup of coffee goes to this Twitter user). He was at a Starbucks on 45th between 5th and 6th in New York:

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