An interesting thing happened today.  As I was walking home from the Olive Way Starbucks, I stumbled upon a nearby garage sale.  And I noticed several coffee mugs on a table.  Even at a distance, I could see that one of the mugs appeared to be a Seattle city series mug produced by Starbucks.  I picked it up.  Lo and behold, I was stunned to see that it was the rare “mistake” mug from 2003.  I had only heard about this mug but never actually seen one before.  It’s extremely rare.

In 2003, Starbucks produced a coffee mug that erroneously spelled Mount Rainier  as “Mount Ranier” on its side.  I don’t even know of any other Starbucks typo-mug that is not a one-time misprint due to a manufacturing error.  In this case, Starbucks simply spelled Mount Rainier incorrectly, and the mugs were correctly manufactured mugs with the misspelling on them.  I’ve heard it said that when the spelling error was finally caught, they were pulled from the shelves.

I already tweeted about finding this, so for those of you who are reading my @SbuxMel tweets, I apologize that this is a duplicate.  I definitely thought this was worth highlighting this find since many of my readers either do not follow my tweets and/or might not have seen that tweet.  And if you have this mug, hang on to it!  I do know that a number of my readers are collectors of coffee mugs, and just in case you’re an avid collector of mugs, I have seen Starbucks mugs show up now and then on this “I love coffee mugs” Facebook page.  (Just case you need a suggestion of a coffee mug Facebook page to follow.)

Garage sales are so much fun!