Starbucks announced yesterday that they’ve formed a partnership with Square, a processor of mobile payments.  Starbucks invested 25 million dollars into the California-based startup, and signed an agreement with Square which should be bringing their mobile payment system into Starbucks stores.

There is more information about this partnership found at this  PC World article, if you’re interested.   The CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey,  wrote an announcement letter that can be found here.

Personally, I’m still quite a fan of the Starbucks Card.  I love the great new designs, and it’s easy to just always have the card with me.

By the way, notice this idea about “Advance Ordering/Payment.”  It was almost immediately closed and put “under review.”  I wonder if that is a glimpse of the future at Starbucks?  Seems like Square might make that a reality.

How do you pay at Starbucks? Would you use this?