If you happen to drop by an Evenings Starbucks, take a look at the new Riedel wine glasses that are available for sale.  They are fun!  They have a lot of whimsy to them!  There are four wine glasses available – actually, they are all the same wine glasses, but each has its own unique saying on them.  In small print, you can find these great little words on the glasses:

  • Breathe out, drink in
  • Escape your plans
  • Take a moment, or three
  • Permission to relax

Of all the sayings, I think I like “Take a moment, or three” the best.

I hope you like these wine glasses too.  I think they retail for $14.95, and once again, they are available for purchase at the Evenings Starbucks locations.  I’m not any kind of wine glass expert (I admit, I know almost nothing about judging what makes a good wine glass) but from what I understand, Riedel is a very good brand for Starbucks to be partnered with.

The previous Starbucks wine glasses that I wrote about (over one year ago) are no longer available.

I think it’s been a long time since I’ve had a truly open thread.  Feel free to discuss anything Starbucks-related.  This is truly an OPEN THREAD.  I know that many people on Twitter are talking about August 7, 2012 being Starbucks Appreciation Day.  How is your Starbucks Appreciation Day going?  Is your store busier than usual?