Look Up Rewards 2Starting very soon, you’ll be able to check your rewards at the Starbucks register. Many stores have already updated their system to add that functionality, and soon every store will be able to do this function. You can hand your registered, loaded Starbucks card to a Starbucks partner, and he or she will be able to tell you if there is a reward available on your Starbucks.com/card profile.

Now is a good time to mention a few important points about this. The ability to swipe a card and look up rewards is a functionality only available at company-operated Starbucks. Generally speaking (there are occasional exceptions), any Starbucks inside another business (such as  Starbucks inside a Safeway or a Target store) is a licensed Starbucks. A free-standing Starbucks is almost always a company-operated Starbucks. All of your rewards are associated with your profile at Starbucks.com. This means that ANY card you swipe which is registered to your profile should reveal available rewards, assuming that you have earned rewards available. Once Starbucks.com/card profile reaches the Gold level, every twelve stars you earn a “Lucky Dozen,” reward, good for food or beverages. (Beer and wine are not available as free reward beverages, and Evenings Food is excluded).

This is a much-needed functionality! Now it is even easier than ever to track your Lucky Dozen rewards. Also, if you have a Birthday Reward available, that should show up too.