Casi Cielo chalkboard art – Key Tower Starbucks.

I am a fan of great Starbucks chalk art.  There have been several times that I have featured Scott’s hand-drawn art, which is on display at the Seattle Municipal Building (aka Key Tower Starbucks) in Seattle.  I walked into his Starbucks store today and saw his amazing Casi Cielo artwork – all hand drawn – and thought I had to feature it again.  Hope you like it too.

If you want to see some of Scott’s previous art, check out the Indivisible chalkboardChristmas Blend 2012, Christmas Blend 2011 (one of my favorites of his), and his Anniversary Blend 2012 art work.

Scott, I think your  artwork is stunning!

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Thank you.

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  • denise r

    This is totally beautiful artwork! The ‘Casi Cielo’ sign is amazing! I rarely see any chalkart….very little…around here any more.

    Kind of off topic, but related: the comments about “lemony” or ‘lemon’ in Casi Cielo I have seen turn would-be buyers off. And, as I have watched this happen, I have talked a few people into buying it. (I do much more ‘sales’ for a store I’m in than a lot of the partners) When they read the word “lemon”, they think this will actually taste like lemon, which to them doesn’t sound so appealing for a coffee. Personally, I don’t even get the ‘lemon’ in this coffee at all so I’ve talked a few people who were questioning that aspect into trying it.
    Bottom line: I think the ‘lemon’ word throws a lot of people off. But, back to the topic: beautiful artwork!

  • purple1

    So funny you would write this post today because as I was on line today at my local SB I was thinking about the lack of chalkboard art as I stared at a sign. So pedestrian these signs. What a shame! Scott should go around to stores to teach partners about how to do chalkboard art. But, I do know one partner in particular that would jump at the chance to do chalkboard art but the SM seems uninterested.

  • Melody

    @Purple1 – I honestly don’t think it’s possible that Scott can go “teach’ other partners how to do chalkboard art. I believe he has a gift. A true gift. I am sorry to hear that your local store manager seems so disinterested.

  • Chgo.

    It doesn’t even look like chalkart. It’s so good that it’s almost deceptive looking when viewing it in a bigger window. I probably would never take it for chalk art unless I saw it up close myself. It loks very good.

    @denise – How have you been? What I notice about the lemon in Casi Cielo, is that you taste it just a little more after every sip. It’s a light, almost subtle lemony taste that I think you taste more when your almost 75% done drinking the Casi Cielo. I don’t know why this happens for me, but I seem to taste it more near the finish. I would bet that people may cringe at the thought of lemon, because they are expecting it to be a tart and citrusy (did I spell that right) taste. It’s like the lemon loaf cake. The frosting is tart and citrusy, but the cake is light and a smooth lemon taste like the coffee.

  • Chgo.

    pardon the typos

  • Purple1

    Melody I really know that Scott could not travel to stores and you have to have a gift to do this but it truly is a shame that SB does not promote this art in the stores. I bet if they calculated it a customer might be more inclined to purchase an item if they were drawn to it from the sign – effective marketing right!

  • Devin

    Wow, I am truly in awe of Scott’s pieces. I wish I had even a sliver of a fraction of his skill (the closest I can come to drawing something is a stick figure, and no one would want to see that on a sign)

  • Abbie

    Hey Melody, I came across your blog while searching for Starbucks stuff for a blog entry myself. I’ve subscribed, I love Starbucks as well. Liking your Facebook page too! My own Page is Abbie’s Crafts and Adventures 😀 Nobody can cover SBUX like you!

  • Kristina

    Stunning artwork indeed. Thanks for sharing Scott’s website; his murals come to life! Now I want a mural on one of the walls in my home. Hmmm….

    Side Note: Thanks for setting up the links on your site to open in another tab. It makes it so much easier to close out the linked site without losing (or forgetting to go back to) the original site.

  • Melody

    @Kristina – Glad you like too. Scott is gifted.

    You are welcome about how the links opening up. :)

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