Birch Wood Starbucks card available March 5 2013 - collectibleStarting March 5, 2013, Starbucks will be offering another first for their loyalty cards:  A Starbucks card made of wood.  The card will be made from Birch wood harvested from sustainably managed forests, and can be swiped, and fully used just like any other Starbucks card.  There is no doubt, this will be collectible fast.  There were only be a limited supply of them made.  As I understand it, the cards have a finish on them that make them feel almost like any typical Starbucks card!

I know that I am going to try and nab one of them quickly for my card collection.  It’s definitely worth keep your eye out for this one!  Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can try to get one for your collection, as they likely will be gone fast.

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