The new Birch wood Starbucks card: Collectible from the get-go.

Birch Wood Starbucks card available March 5 2013 - collectibleStarting March 5, 2013, Starbucks will be offering another first for their loyalty cards:  A Starbucks card made of wood.  The card will be made from Birch wood harvested from sustainably managed forests, and can be swiped, and fully used just like any other Starbucks card.  There is no doubt, this will be collectible fast.  There were only be a limited supply of them made.  As I understand it, the cards have a finish on them that make them feel almost like any typical Starbucks card!

I know that I am going to try and nab one of them quickly for my card collection.  It’s definitely worth keep your eye out for this one!  Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can try to get one for your collection, as they likely will be gone fast.

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  • Chgo.

    @Ian – IF you are right, and I believe you are, what’s the point of a Manager lying about the fact that these cards can’t be reordered?

  • Melody

    @Chgo – I doubt anyone was “lying” – I think a lot of what happens in life (and one problem even in the stores) is that people are misinformed or misunderstood something, and then pass that information on. That’s one of the reason the refill policy is so misunderstood: many partners hear a version of it from a co-worker and assume they’ve got it right, and they might’ve just misunderstood it or been misinformed themselves.

  • Chgo.

    @Melody – But what about when it’s the Manager giving the misinformation? Shouldn’t the Manager be informed? When I used the word “lying” – I meant it loosely. However, I have already noted twice that the partners were somehow freaked out that I knew about the cards last week. My impression of their reaction seemed somewhat odd. It was as if they didn’t want anybody to know the cards existed. This thread gives me the impression like the cards are already gone, although they don’t come out until Tuesday. I guess I’m trying to make sense out of things that don’t make sense. I deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis at work. Nobody can ever give a straight answer anymore! (ps I’m not referring to you or anybody in the thread Melody when I say that!)

  • purple1

    Got my card today and I actually like the feel of it. However, I am totally unimpressed with the look of the spring promo. To be honest, I find the signage sort of bland and if I had not known it was coming, I would have missed the new items. It is a spring promotion, but you would never guess it as far as I view it.

  • denise r

    I have to agree with @purple1: very little, if any, signage about most of this promo. I did see some chalk-age about the new register $5.00/card thing on 2/26, I think.
    and, I did make it in today, altho getting :) quite a bit of snow! I really don’t know where Sbux is putting most of its money lately but definitely does not seem to be on the seasonal promos. minimal.

  • FrankieDee

    I got my wooden card this morning and it got me interested in collecting some cards for a collection. I bought through passbook on the iPhone. I was thinking of registering the new card to my account, using that card through passbook to buy another and repeat the process. Will this work as I am using the same money over and over and will I get the my starbucks rewards stars for every card that I purchase? If anyone knows can you please let me know.

  • Laily

    The 1st Starbucks I went today (the one where they were “doing me a favor” by giving me an iced Passion tea refill on my iced Hazelnut Macchiato) & asked about the new card, said they sold out already- and I was there BEFORE noon! The 2nd location I went to, said they haven’t received it yet, but might soon. I did leave with a smile on my face regardless, because I bought a few more $1 reusable cups (fun to use at home), enjoyed a yummy, toasted Cheese Danish (a must!) & both locations gave me a promotional coupon for a free tall Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato, hot or iced. SWEET (literally,ha)! I could’ve used the word ‘sweet’ in multiple puns during this comment, but I’d thought I’d spare you guys =p Wish me luck tomorrow, as I continue my Search for the Birch (tee hee).

  • Chgo.

    Plenty to be found by me.

  • B G

    I just picked up 5 cards from Huntingdon Valley PA (#9573). The barista didn’t know about them until I asked about them.

  • Rebecca

    Good news – when I placed my order today, I was able to order more. Knock on wood (haha), they’ll come in next week. Supplies are, I’m sure, still limited, but it looks like there’s at least enough for us to try to order some more in :) Yay!!

  • Laily

    Finally found some in stock. I initially got 5 & loaded each one with $5. At a different Starbucks, where they had a bunch, I asked if I could have just a couple without activating them (so they would be un-swiped, in mint condition for my collection), & the barista (she’s always good to me) happily said sure. With the loaded ones, I might register them (since the promo will double the $5) & give the new account + special, collectable gift card as a “just because” little gift for a few deserving people.
    A question about collecting: For example, if I have a Birthday Mug card from 2 years ago, and I see a fresh batch today next to the Birch wood cards, will adding one of those newer edition Birthday Mug card do anything for my collection? Like, if I already have the same design card, will getting a newer one that was released in a different year, add value to the collection, or not ’cause I already have that design? I don’t know if I’m explaining my question clearly, ha = /

  • Donald

    I got one from my bank after they made an error with a transaction! Definitely a special card to have. :)

  • DadCooks

    @Donald, this gives new meaning to the wooden nickel.

  • chris carnovale

    Making cards out of wood – is this a good thing?!?! As much as I am not a big supporter of plastic products, I do see the benefits of making plastic cards: 1) they can last forever if you reuse them – and hopefully we are all reusing them, and (now), 2) you don’t have to cut down trees to make them.

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