Shining a spotlight on the Evolution Fresh loyalty card: You can use it at Starbucks too!

Previously, I wrote about the new concept store by Starbucks called “Evolution Fresh.”  In my last article, I neglected to talk about the card that is available at Evolution Fresh, and so I want to shine a spotlight on that now.  In my opinion, it is just so cool that you can pay with a Starbucks card at Evolution Fresh (and of course, you’re earning MyStarbucksRewards stars) or you can pay with your Evolution Fresh card at Starbucks.  The stored-value cards work back and forth seamlessly between Starbucks and Evolution Fresh.  However, there are no “rewards” at Evolution Fresh such as the syrup and milk rewards available at Starbucks.  (Evolution Fresh doesn’t offer the same products and doesn’t have a variety of syrups.)

I have heard very loose gossip that Evolution Fresh is considering adding such a program to their cards.

By way of reminder, Evolution Fresh is a juice bar and natural foods cafe, which opened new on March 19, 2012, and it is operated by Starbucks.

I snapped a photo of the Evolution Fresh card, available at the register.  This is also (obviously!) the very first Evolution Fresh card.  It will be interesting to see what kind of creative designs might come about in the future.  Here is the card:

Last but not least, if you want to follow Evolution Fresh on twitter, here is their profile:  @EvolutionFresh.

I would imagine this card will be a collectible item for those who collect Starbucks cards!

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  • Allie

    I need one! Even though I don’t have the cafe here, I still want the card. I collect SB cards. I’m not obsessed or anything, I would go crazy, there are so many. But just a few that I like and this one would be a great for my little collection.


  • purple1

    Melody I really like the idea of being able to cross over between the stores with the rewards cards and I really like the look of the Evolution card, however, with only one new store in Seattle it will be hard to get this going. Have you heard of any openings elsewhere?

  • Melody

    @Allie and purple1 – If I send you one, you can put it to good use at your local Starbucks. Right now I’m sitting at my sister’s house on her laptop, and already thinking of a million things I need to do when I get home. I can get an Evolution Fresh card out in the mail when I’m home but give me a few days to get it out to you. Allie, I’ll need for you to send me your postal address: Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com.

  • Allie


    I would love that! I will send you some $ via PayPal to cover any expenses. I know they are small but I can at least buy you a coffee. :-) Take your time, no rush.

    You rock! I’m gonna show it off! LOL.


  • Stacey Hunter

    Melody not to be a pain i would love a card too. Please!

  • Melody

    @Stacey – Okay, no problem. I had picked up a small stack of them – some of which I gave away in Boston – and still have a few leftover. But I’m going to end this accidental giveaway here. Sorry to others! Please do email me, and of course, if you have not yet clicked “like” on the blog’s facebook page, I hope you will like it too. Thanks!

  • Amy in Boston

    So cool. I wonder if and where Starbucks plans to open up additional locations.

  • CD

    Hi Melody – I’m way behind here – didn’t know you went to Boston – did you happen to see the steaming kettle Starbucks?

    I like these cards and I like how they can be used at EF or SBUX stores – nice bonus! I wonder if the image of the EF card appears on the iPhone app (some Starbucks cards don’t display the same image as the card).

    I’m probably putting this in the wrong spot but reading another post made me remember a suggestion I have been meaning to make:

    Have you thought about putting a link to your Seattles Best Melody blog on this page? You mentioned a recent redesign and I’m thinking it could simply be another tab at the top to the right of the Whole Bean Menu Board tab. You could probably do the same on SeattlesBestMelody so each site was more interconnected and easier to get to for visitors. Just a thought.

    Hope all is well!

  • purple1

    CD that is a great suggestion for Melody and I think it would bring more readers to her Seattle’s Best blog and to her SB blog. Try to do it Melody!

  • Melody

    @CD – There is a link to my Seattle’s Best blog on this page – it is in the category, “Other Starbucks Related Content.” The two blogs just have little in common. This one has 100 times more traffic (that isn’t too extreme of a exaggeration) and Seattle’s Best just doesnt have the rabid fan base that Starbucks does. I registered my Evolution Fresh card, and the image is not in their database so it just shows as the generic image. I think a number of cards are missing their images. I would imagine that if you’re using the phone app, you’d still just get a generic image, and not the EF image.

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    • Johari

      I wonder if the baristas at my local SB down here in San Diego would give me an odd look if I handed them an EF card.

    • Melody

      @Johari – Welcome to the blog. It’s possible the baristas might not even notice the card! When I was on vacation in Massachusetts, there were a few times I used my EF card at Starbucks, and it didn’t even raise an eyebrow!

    • purple1

      Melody overall when I have used this card the partners are so excited to see it and were jealous not to have one. There were one or two partners that thought it would not work but was quickly resolved. Thanks.

    • Johari

      @Melody – Love the blog! Thanks for the welcome. I suppose they wouldn’t bat an eye if I brought in an EF card. They take my 4 year old winter themed SB card without hesitation. :)

    • iGonzalito

      I will no ask for a card!!! I’m just want to say thank you for sharing everyday your histories about Starbucks with the planet!!!

      Thank you very much!!!

      Greetings from Spain

    • Nyamekye

      Are these integrated with the Starbucks Card System? I was at the University Mall Evolution Fresh this weekend and wanted to purchase Cards for my collection using the balance on my pre-existing starbucks card and they looked at me like a dragon with two heads 😛 . Great store though, they let me have the card for my collection once I explained what it was for ^_^

    • Bob

      @Nyamekye, yes Evolution Fresh, Tazo, Teavana, and Starbucks are all on the same card system. So you can use a gift card from any of these stores at any of these stores.

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