IMAG4342 Teavana - New spring teas - 23March2013Today (March 23, 2013), I dropped by Teavana to see what’s new.  Turns out, there are five new seasonal teas for spring.  They are as follows:

  • Chocolate Bananas Foster
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Dragonfruit Devotion
  • Winterberry Spice
  • Berry Almond Amaretto

As you can imagine, I was pretty curious about any tea called, “Chocolate Bananas Foster.”  It sounded so un-tea like.  I surprised that it did really have a pretty strong banana and cocoa aroma.  Since the Chocolate Bananas Foster Teavana tea sounded the most exotic of the new teas, I decided that I’d get some and write a review of this tea.  I’ve been making all my Teavana teas iced.  Previously, I had bought a nice infusion pitcher at Teavana, which makes making iced tea a little easier than I ever imagined it would be.


Here’s what this unique tea looks like:

IMAG4325 Teavana Chocolate Banana Fosters Spring tea 23March2013

I smelled several other teas, and bought some more German sugar too.  Emily remembered me from last time, and had gotten a kick out of the previous blog article!  She said she’d be looking for herself again in this new article!

IMAG4323 Shopping at Teavana 23 March 2013IMAG4338 Teavana Dragonfruit Devotion tea - March 2013IMAG4334 Teavana - Emily bags up my tea 23March2013IMAG4326 Teavana Strawberry Cream Tea 23March2013I brewed my new tea double strength, and added a little sugar.  After it had cooled all the way down, I tried the Chocolate Bananas tea, pouring it over ice.  It was good!  It was an unusual flavor.  I think many people (or at least myself) often expect a sort of sweet, fruity flavor for iced tea, and it was interesting having one that was a little weightier and somehow a little bolder.

I added a little milk.  And this is what happens when iced tea dreams of being an iced latte:


6747 Chocolate Banana Fosters Iced Tea with milkDon’t try this at home. 🙂

Actually, that was remarkably good.  It was definitely heavier than a typical iced tea.  Even without the milk, the tea tasted pretty rich.  So if you want an interesting iced tea latte, prepare the Chocolate Bananas Foster tea double strength, add sugar, and add milk.

Hope you enjoyed your latest Teavana update!

(Important reminder – Starbucks has said that starting next month, Teavana stores will start taking the Starbucks Card as a form of payment, and you’ll earn Stars for your purchases there.  Very cool!)