Front of Brazil Ipanema Bourbon - StarbucksOnce upon a time, Starbucks Brazil Ipanema Bourbon was a fairly regular seasonal offering for Starbucks.  As I recall, it was usually released early in the year, about the same time as Casi Cielo.  It hasn’t been back to Starbucks in years.  Maybe, if I cross my fingers, it will show up as a Reserve coffee someday.

A reader of this blog emailed me some pictures of this great coffee.  She’d been cleaning house, and came upon a 2007 old bag of the Brazil Ipanema Bourbon.  She ripped it open, and took these photos.  I also sorely miss the old colorful whole bean packaging.  I know I have written many times at my disappointment at how unromantic and bland the current Starbucks whole bean packaging is – has no romance of the bean.  In any case, I should stop mentioning that because it’s not likely to change.

Coincidentally, I have an old photo of a burlap sack that once contained green Starbucks Brazil Ipanema Bourbon coffee beans.  In 2009, a friend (a partner) went to the Kent Roasting Plant for me, and gave me a few burlap coffee sacks.  I don’t have them anymore – I gave them all away as gifts to partners.  But I do have this photo, and so you have not only the lovely packaging of this great coffee, but also an image of its burlap coffee bean sack!

This photos were too beautiful to not pass along here.  Does anyone else remember this great coffee?  Do you want it back too?

Starbucks Brazil Ipanema BourbonBrazil Ipanema Bourbon whole bean - StarbucksBurlapCoffeeBagStarbucks Brazil Ipanema Bourbon 2009 copyBrazil Ipanema Bourbon expiry date