Recently, a  reader emailed me with these stunning pictures of a Starbucks store in Copenhagen.  I love to see the international store designs, and just generally speaking, I enjoy gorgeous stores.  My understanding is that this store opened new sometime last October.  Here’s the address:

Butik 130/ Plan 0
Arne Jacobsens Allé 12
2300 København S

If you are looking for this store, I have heard that it is inside the “Field’s shopping mall,” which is on the outskirts of the city.

I like the circular merchandise wall!  And I have seen stores with exceedingly large Starbucks Siren wrapping around the ninety degree angle of a wall, and I think it’s nice touch.  The Fifth and Columbia Starbucks in Seattle also has a Siren wrapping around a wall.

Hope you enjoy the photos too!

image-13 Copenhagen Starbucks may 2013image-14 Copenhagen Starbucks May 2013image-10 Espresso bar area Starbucks Copenhagen May 2013image-9 Copenhagen city Starbucks tumblersimage-8 1971 sign with the 2008 version of Starbucks logo Copenhagenimage-11 Whole bean wall - Merch area - Copenhagen Starbucks may 2013image-7 Lobby Copenhagen Starbucks