Starbucks has just overhauled their layout for your MyStarbucksRewards page, when you sign into  It looks cleaner and it is easier to see how many rewards you have available.  This is a great opportunity for me to remind my readers to track their Starbucks Card rewards!  It would be very easy to forget or not notice that you have a free food or drink reward available to use, especially if you’re visiting Starbucks often, but not using the iPhone or Android app to track your rewards.

As a reminder, when you wish to use a free drink reward, simply notice that you have a reward available on your MyStarbucksRewards page, and then say to the barista (before he or she swipes a card), “I would like to use my free drink reward on this beverage (or food item).”  The Starbucks baristas do not prompt you to use your rewards: log in and see how many you have.

When you log in, you now see this screen:

Untitled-2 New MSR Layout 2

One the first things you’ll see is how many free drink/food (“Lucky Dozen”) My Starbucks Rewards you have available to use.  You’ll get a notification of a special digital promo or coupon that applies to your profile, and there is now a “dismiss” button to make it disappear.  When you scroll down, your reward levels have been re-branded as “badges.”

If I could make one suggestion for improvement of this page, it would be this: there isn’t a quick and obvious tab that says, “change my default Starbucks card.”  I would like to see that in the upper right corner where your card information is displayed.  (As you can see, it’s showing a card that I no longer use.)

I just wanted to give you a heads up to go poke around the new MyStarbucksRewards layout on  I think it’s easier to navigate than before.

Just as a reminder, you can use any Starbucks Card and still earn all your rewards.  Just be sure that your card is loaded with money on it, and registered to your profile.  And, that card must be used to pay for your purchases at Starbucks.  You can even use Starbucks Card that have sister brand logos on the front, such as the Tazo Card, Teavana Card, and Evolution Fresh card.

Here’s a couple more screens from the new layout: What do you think?

(It is possible that you might not be seeing these screens yet.  I just heard from a Twitter friend that it is a “phased roll-out.”)

Untitled-1 MSR layout - Star history by monthUntitled-3 Badge History bottom of the page