IMAG6671 Kau whole bean packaging 18 August 2013Starbucks is introducing Ka’u into their Reserve lineup beginning August 20th.  It’s already available on  It’s a coffee from Hawaii, from an area bordering the Kona growing region.

Today (August 18, 2013), I went to a coffee seminar for this new coffee.  Kevin, at the 7th and Pike Starbucks, walked us through a tasting for this coffee.  I learned that this is a washed coffee, and grown in a region that was once used for sugar plantations!  Kevin prepared the new Ka’u coffee with a French press, and paired it with the small caramel bites.

As an aside, if you see these little containers of chocolate bites at the registers at Starbucks, definitely take a look.  There are four flavors, and they are delicious!

Back to the Ka’u from Hawaii:  this coffee is said to pair well with coconut, caramel, and nuts.  Kevin didn’t have a coconut option to try the coffee with, but I definitely thought that the pairing with the caramel bites was good – it definitely brought out a sweetness to the coffee.  The aroma of this coffee had some of the nut aroma.  I thought it was squarely a medium-body coffee, with a fairly clean finish.

The four steps of a coffee tasting are as follows: 1) Smell – cover the cup and really smell 2) Slurp – aerate well  3) Locate where the flavors hit in your mouth and 4) Describe the flavors.

Kevin is a Coffee-Master-In-Training.  Here he is leading our group:

IMAG6684 Kevin leading a coffee seminar at 7th and Pike Starbucks

Starbucks has offered the Ka’u coffee before as a Reserve coffee.  Kevin explained that generally, when a coffee returns as a Reserve, it is a signal that Starbucks has purchased a new harvest of that farmer’s coffee. I think this year’s Ka’u is a little nuttier than last year’s!  I loved that Kevin was very knowledgeable about the coffee and easily spoke about this being a wash-processed coffee, and could explain quite about the coffee’s growing region.  And of course, it was obvious that he genuinely loves coffee!

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I bought a half pound to take home with me.  My normal preferred at-home method of coffee brewing is with a pour over – it’s very simple, and very difficult to mess up!  And many coffees will taste wonderful made through a pour over.    This coffee, too, is great from a pour over.  I think that highlights a little more of the nuttiness.

Here are the rest of the pictures – Enjoy!  Have you tried this year’s Ka’u?

Kau on StarbucksStore dot comIMAG6681 Kevin at coffee seminar for Kau - 18Aug2013 -7th and Pike StarbucksIMAG6689 Kau pour over 19 August 2013IMAG6683 Kau coffee bag - coffee seminar 18Aug2013 - 7th and PikeIMAG6677 Caramel Brulee Bites 18 August 2013IMAG6674 Kau whole bean 18 August 2013