Yes, I know I’m very late to the Instagram craze.  In fact, years late.  To be fair, I have an Android phone.  I have had an Instagram profile for all of about one month and I’m pretty much hooked, wondering why in the world didn’t I download this app sooner. I thought I’d walk you through my view of Starbucks on a day-to-day basis, as seen through the lens of Instagram.

Pacific Place Starbucks: One of many stores that I’ll sometimes stop at for a morning cup of coffee, on my way into work.  This photo was indeed a quick pic on my way into work in the morning.

Pacific Place Starbucks

I love this picture of partner Desiree at the Pacific Place Starbucks. I sat drinking Ethiopia and took just one photo, and this was it.  You can just see Desiree’s positive energy:Desiree pacific placeThe First and Pike Starbucks, at the entrance to the Pike Place Market.  Everything about this store is hugely photogenic.  Shown here is an exterior view, plus an interior view with some nice chalkboard art.  As I understand it, that’s the store’s manager holding the large five-pound bullet of coffee:

1st and Pke Starbucks exterior1st and Pike Starbucks - Chalkart and menuA quick look at 1912 Pike Place Starbucks – Shelly and Jenny are amazing partners.  I think Jenny had worked briefly at the now-gone Tazo Tea store too, although my memory might be failing me!  Shelly has been at 1912 Pike Place for a while.

1912 Pike Place Exterior1912 Pike Place Starbucks with Shelly and JennyI was walking to work one morning, and walking right past the Westlake Center Starbucks (Macy’s is in the background) and had a moment where I thought it looked very photogenic.

Westlake StarbucksHope you enjoyed these pics! I took all these over the last the month.  As always, do not distribute, reproduce, or use without express permission.