I visited recently two Starbucks in Burlington, Massachusetts, and decided to write about both of them.

Starbucks store 7279
84 Burlington Mall Road
The Marketplace
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 273 6544

The first one is a Clover – Reserve Starbucks located at the  Marketplace at Burlington (store 7279) is near the Burlington Mall.  I dropped by the day after Thanksgiving and bought a January Espresso Tumbler, and ordered a short Aged Sumatra.  This Starbucks has Google WiFi too!  I thought I’d share a few photos from this visit.

IMAG8287 Clover Starbucks Burlington MAIMAG8294 Clover Starbucks Burlington Merch Wall 29 Nov 2013IMAG8303 Clover Starbucks Burlington Marketplace 29 Nov 2013 - seating areaIMAG8290 Clover Starbucks Burlington MAIMAG8301 Clover Starbucks Burlington MA 29 Nov 2013

I hope you get the chance to visit that Clover store!

Starbucks store 19385
2 Wayside Drive
Wayside Commons
Burlington, MA 01803

From that Starbucks, I headed to the Starbucks in Burlington on Wayside Drive.  The visit to the Clover store was a little more of a short, surprise visit.  The visit to the store on Wayside Drive was a little more planned.  Starbucks on Wayside Drive opened new May 2, 2013.  This store is super cozy and cute with a fireplace with four comfy seats near it.  I dropped by on November 29, 2013, and loved that all the store partners had a (small) stocking hung over the fireplace with their names on it!  Take a look at this great store:

IMAG8306 Wayside Dr Burlington Starbucks 29 Nov 2013IMAG8317 Wayside Drive Burlington MA back wall muralIMAG8318 Wayside Drive Burlington back seating area 29 Nov 2013IMAG8315 Wayside Dr Burlington MA StarbucksIMAG8322 Wayside Drive Burlington Starbucks stockings with partner names on them

Here I am with the crew that was working at the Wayside Drive, Burlington store when I dropped by:

Crew at the Wayside Burlington Starbucks

The baristas at this store were very friendly.  I think you’ll like this store.  I chatted with Piotr, a shift supervisor at this store, and he mentioned he opened the store new on May 2nd.  Some of my readers might be familiar with a customer named Winter who is on a quest to visit every single Starbucks in the world.  I’m always a little amazed when I get to a store before him!  Much to my surprise, Winter hasn’t visited this Starbucks yet!  You can see all the U.S. stores that he’s visited here.  What do you think of Winter’s adventure? You can “like” his Facebook page and see more of the stores that he’s been to recently.

Enjoy these two stores!