image001 Target bonus starsMyStarbucksRewards at TargetBeginning October 16th, Target Starbucks locations now have the ability to redeem your “Lucky Dozen” or free “Birthday” rewards that you receive when you’re a part of MyStarbucksRewards.

October 17 – 19th, you will earn bonus stars for your purchases at Target store Starbucks! Each time you use your registered Starbucks card at Target Starbucks, October 17 – 19, you’re earning two stars!

One important thing to note, I was able to confirm with an official Starbucks spokesperson that “MSR offers (1:1) emails are not redeemable at Target Café stores.” Let me explain what that means: Starbucks uses “one to one” marketing. This means that you might receive promotional emails that are different than what your friends receive. Starbucks may email MyStarbucksRewards promotions such as “bonus stars for ordering Oprah Chai” or “Get one breakfast sandwhich and get a second half off”. Those are examples of the one to one MSR offers. Target Starbucks are not honoring these MyStarbucksRewards special promotions.

It’s still very big news that you can redeem rewards at Target Starbucks now!

About a year ago, I wrote an article that had a short summary of MyStarbucksRewards. It’s still a helpful article, though you should absolutely check out for all the details and latest information on MyStarbucksRewards:

Last but not least, always check back with for the latest reward information. The MyStarbucksRewards program is subject to change as Starbucks is always re-assessing what program offerings will work best.